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With every campaign victory comes an opportunity to pause, take a breath, and reflect on our collective power.  Monthly newsletters and blog posts help us track where we’ve been, and where we’re headed next.

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Federal Policy Team

Say No to the EATS Act!

At stake in this year’s Farm Bill is the right of all Americans, and state and local governments to maintain local control over our environment, our health, and our farms.

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Shemona speaking on the mic at Intertwined 22

Reflecting & Grounding:

2024 is going to be a challenging year; but after reflecting on the past years and the changes we’ve navigated, I know that we’ve done the work to weather these struggles.

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sign reading climate pledge = empty promises in front of the amazon spheres

March 23 Newsletter: Direct Action Edition

ave you noticed that the cherry trees are already blossoming and flower bulbs sprouting? Spring isn’t waiting and neither are we! There’s a rich metaphor here that I insist on dragging through this newsletter: Think of the plants spring-ing, not waiting to shake off winter as a form of … direct action.

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Federal Policy Team

Team Update – Feb ’24

Good news! We have been feeling cautiously optimistic after learning last week that President Biden has paused permitting for new liquid natural gas export approvals. This is

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Ad for Shut It Down for Palestine event at Greenlake Park in Seattle
Anti War X Climate

Solidarity with Palestine

If you can’t make it to the streets, theres plenty of other ways to support a ceasefire in Gaza. Consider looking into this Boycott Guide from

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Electrify Seattle Wins!

After a year of campaigning, canvassing, lobbying and marching, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the Building Emissions Performance Standard. 

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