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Photo & Video Submission Guidelines

350 Seattle activists hold "Love Wins!" banner in front of ballot drop box

Did you take photos or video at a 350 Seattle event? Willing to share what you captured with the community? There is always a lot happening in the climate justice movement, which is why we need folks like you who are there to capture it! Thank you for helping us tell (and show) our story.

Please send your photos and video content to this email. In your message, include details of when and where the photo/video was taken and who took it. If you wish to be credited, please watermark your photos in a bottom corner before submitting them. If you know who or what is pictured, please note that in your message as well. Any additional information helps get your visual content to people who need it!

Acceptable formats: You can send your work to us as links to shared folders (check your sharing permissions), attached image files (please limit to 1-5 attached files), zip folders, or links to personal websites/portfolios.

Some things to keep in mind when taking photos at a 350 Seattle event and submitting content:

  • Make sure your photos are clear (not blurry) and well-lit. If there are banners at the event, are the words readable?
  • Try to capture from a variety of angles, lighting, and perspectives that show who was there and what the message was. Variety is a beautiful thing!
  • When photographing an event, find out who the organizers are and ask if you can take pictures throughout the event. Ask if there is anyone who does not wish to be photographed.
  • Do not submit someone else’s photography/videography without their knowledge or consent.

Interested in supporting photography/videography efforts at a future 350 Seattle event? Contact us here.

*Please note: 350 Seattle will use photos submitted to photos @ in our organizing, outreach, communications, and fundraising efforts. 

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