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Get Involved

Are you ready to volunteer?

We’re a volunteer-driven organization. This means our work depends on you, with all your interests and skills. Find your spot by taking a look at our workgroups and/or checking out our Volunteer Jobs. Then fill out the form below. We’ll go from there!

You can also sign up with some of our workgroups directly and share about specialized skills with them. Make sure to check these out:



Workgroup leaders are looking for help with certain jobs. Is one for you?

350 Seattle climate justice volunteers


Our Current Campaigns and Teams

Who’s doing what? Workgroups are the way we organize. What looks intriguing?

Artful Activism – Make our movement inspiring and beautiful through art of all kinds!

Chase/Defund Disaster – Move your money out of fossil fuels, and make the banks move theirs!

Communications – Get our message out into the world through social media, the press, our website, and more.

Fundraising Events – Put on fun events that raise the funds to keep 350 Seattle going!

Housing – Educate and advocate for local policy changes that address the intersection of housing and climate.

On Call Task Team – Hear about one-off and occasional opportunities to help out.

Outreach – Be at the forefront of bringing new people into the movement for climate justice.

Port of Seattle – Increasing air travel. Polluting cruise ships. Diesel shipping trucks. There’s a lot to change at the Port of Seattle!

Seattle for a Green New Deal – Help us help Seattle rise to the challenge and adopt its own Green New Deal. Co-led with Got Green.

Solidarity – Join us in showing up in solidarity with other groups and actions as we connect to the broader movement for justice.

State Policy/Civic Action Teams – Advocate for meaningful statewide climate policy.

Tacoma LNG – Resist the illegal construction of a liquified natural (fracked) gas facility in Puyallup tribal land at the Port of Tacoma.

Trade Policy – Fight back against nefarious global trade agreements that give corporations the right to lock us in to endless use of fossil fuels.

Trans Mountain Resistance – Stand in solidarity and take direct action to prevent construction of Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline.

Transportation – Most of Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Be part of changing that!

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