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MMIWP 2024 Families Gathering

Save the date for the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & People (MMIWP) Families Gathering on Saturday, May 4th, at Daybreak Star Pow Wow Grounds.

We are looking for volunteers in the lead-up to and during the gathering. If you have gear you can loan or are available to support, please RSVP here.

We are joining MMIWP Families to bring continued awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and people, and to fight back against the perpetuation of colonial, gender-based violence across the United States and Canada, which is also directly connected to fossil fuel infrastructure and their “man camps”. This local event is connected to the National Day of Awareness for MMIW.

Roxanne White, lead MMIWP Families organizer, is counting on our grassroots support with logistics, gifting of services, loans of equipment, linens, and monetary donations. Roxanne has asked for our support with many of the logistics in preparation for the day, and during the day on May 4th. We have lots of options with greatly varying time commitments, including organizing and handling logistics, art, setup/cleanup, shuttle driving, food serving, and more. Our logistical support and presence are extremely helpful for Roxanne to focus on creating a powerful space for families and survivors to be able to connect, share their deep grief, and experience some community healing while broadening awareness to improve public policies and stop this cycle of violence.

Donations to Roxanne White to support the event can be made here:

For our Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, Aunties, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins, and loved ones – we are showing up as allies & relatives to support their families and stop the cycle.

If you are an MMIWP family planning to attend the event, please email MMIWP, wear red, and bring your drums, rattles, songs, banners & prayers.

Questions about Volunteering: please contact Chris.

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