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Civic Action Team

Grassroots people-power fighting for climate legislation across Washington state

The 350 Washington Civic Action Team (CAT) supports legislative advocacy actions across a wide range of climate and justice policy areas. We work through education and action to show the clear connections between the climate crisis and the overlapping systems of extraction and oppression in each policy area. We are a mighty crew of volunteers collaborating across Washington to coordinate our grassroots legislative campaign each year. 

During the Washington State legislative session in January–March, we send two clear, concise Civic Action Team emails per week to push for essential climate legislation in Washington. 

Our volunteers will only send you the most essential action alerts during the legislative session: 

  • Clear information about where important climate bills are in the legislative process 
  • Easy instructions and templates for how to contact legislators about specific bills at critical moments 
  • Useful educational resources for making strong connections between climate and justice across a variety of policy areas


To educate and empower people to advocate in the WA state legislature to pass strong, sound, and just climate policy while strengthening partnerships and relationships.

Action Alerts

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Contact the Campaign Director, Grace Hope (they/them)

Our Impact By the Numbers

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Climate Grief & Empowerment

Check out the next 350 Seattle Team!

The Climate Grief & Empowerment is a monthly group that uses, “The Work That Reconnects”.

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