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Points of Unity

We come together in this work out of deep love for people and planet. In that spirit, we strive to approach it with commitment, compassion, and humility. How we work together shapes the world we’re in.

We exist to inspire people to act effectively to address the systemic causes of the climate crisis. We foster a culture where we encourage community involvement and a supportive atmosphere, innovative ideas, dissent, and creativity in order to redefine what is possible (politically, economically, socially, and within our legal system).

  1. We are a “big tent” organization that welcomes people of diverse political, religious, and philosophical world views who are aligned with our mission.
  2. We are an inter-generational organization, and we strive to respect people of all ages and the perspectives that they bring.
  3. We empower people to act on their mission-aligned ideas and support them in organizing toward their goals.
  4. We value a culture of learning, as well as skill and resource sharing, in order to support each other’s development and empower new activists.
  5. We respond to climate urgency, while making time for cultivating authentic relationships that build our movement.
  1. Social, economic, and ecological issues are interdependent. No movement for liberation can succeed while perpetuating oppression, however unintentional.
  2. Racism is a profound barrier to building effective coalitions for social change. We commit to create and promote an anti-racist culture in our organization, and practice anti-racism in our personal and political work.
  3. Circles of governance and decision-making committees prioritize outreach to, engagement with, and welcome of people from traditionally marginalized communities, in hope that those circles will become more representative of the population most affected by the climate crisis.
  4. We bring power analysis as a lens to all of our work.*
  5. We acknowledge that while we are all harmed by systemic oppression, those of us who also benefit from it are both the least aware and most responsible for changing it.
  6. We strive to organize our solidarity efforts around relationship building, responsiveness, and accountability to marginalized communities, understanding that we can call ourselves “allies” only when chosen as such by them.
  7. The system that supports violent exploitation of the Earth, furthering climate chaos, is the same system that supports violent exploitation of people’s bodies and labor; and people who are bearing the brunt of this exploitation are also more vulnerable to the impacts of climate chaos. Addressing race, class, and gender oppression are an integral part of addressing the climate crisis.
We recognize a tension between solving the urgent climate crisis, and prioritizing our own health, wellbeing, and resilience. We strive to maintain a balance between these goals, and we create mechanisms to support ourselves and each other to do so.

We understand that discomfort and hard work are necessary for growth. We strive to be forgiving of ourselves and each other, and create space for honest deep engagement, and humble constructive communication, both within 350 Seattle and within our broader movements.

  1. We recognize that feedback is invaluable to growth, and welcome direct feedback from others in our community. We recognize the importance of giving and receiving** feedback in an honest, humble and constructive way.
  2. We value every person we meet as an individual with a unique story, and we embrace the humanity of every person.*
  3. We work to resolve internal conflicts. If we have feedback for, or difficulty with, another individual, we will strive to talk to that individual or take our feedback to the Tending Circle, Staff Collective, or Board. We will strive not to speak negatively about people when they are not present.

We strive to be an organization that is financially sustainable and that makes its decisions independent of real or perceived funding consequences.

We believe in using civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action to strategically bring about political change and culture shifts. We consider this strategy carefully, while keeping in mind the historic and ongoing trauma, and the potentially severe consequences, for traditionally oppressed people who choose to employ it.

*NOTE: Some of our Points of Unity have been inspired by Black Mesa, Pangea and Unsettling America
**10 Tips on Receiving Critical Feedback – A Guide for Activists

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