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Artful Activism

Drawing attention to climate justice issues through visual arts, interactive installations, music, dance, and more.

Responsible for all aspects of our artful activism, from creation through deployment, we work in accordance with our organization’s mission, values, and equity and inclusion goals.

We collaborate with other 350 Seattle teams and allied organizations to articulate and convey climate justice (including social justice) messaging to policy makers, current and potential volunteers, and the general public in beautiful, inspiring, inciting and engaging ways through a wide variety of media, including music, dance, video, photography, 2-D and 3-D visual arts, and interactive installations.

Several sub groups operate with different levels of autonomy:

  • The People’s Echo (for community singing);
  • Imagery Library,
  • Photo Library,
  • Art Build Team,
  • Print Team,
  • Sewing Team,
  • and Art in Action team.

**Check out our videos page**


Make our movement more inviting by giving people of all ages and backgrounds a way to participate and draw attention to important issues through art.


350 Seattle Peoples Echo group singing together

The People’s Echo

The People’s Echo is a healing-centered song collective based on Coast Salish Lands (Seattle, WA). 


You don’t need experience or particular skills to join us! All that’s required is a desire to engage in creative forms of outreach and networking.


To contact us send a message to:

Interest Form


Aviation Team

Check out the next 350 Seattle Team!

The Aviation Team is working to halt the growth of aviation pollution and support justice for communities near airports.

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