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Working to halt the growth of aviation pollution and support justice for communities near airports.

Aviation is the world’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. It disproportionately harms communities near airports, and its expansion will undermine Seattle and regional GHG targets.

Our goals:

  • Support the voices of marginalized, impacted communities seeking environmental justice;
  • Decrease aviation activity, including by halting airport expansion and construction;
  • Change the regulatory framework to make emissions and other climate issues paramount, and challenge the prioritization of economic growth and corporate profit over health and climate;
  • Ensure transparency and accuracy in the measurement and reporting of aviation emissions and impacts — especially direct impacts on frontline communities — and bring awareness to who benefits and who pays for aviation;
  • End unfair subsidies and tax exemptions for airlines and aircraft manufacturers;
  • Reduce or eliminate systemic incentives for air travel;
  • Encourage development of clean-powered alternatives to air transport and rethink how we move people and goods;
  • Increase public awareness of aviation’s climate and environmental justice impacts.


Lessen the impact of air transportation on climate change. Uplift voices from communities most impacted by aviation activity.

Action Alerts

Tell WSDOT: We want those faster Cascades trains you promised!


King County International Airport Community Coalition

Stay Grounded Network


Join our meetings the second Tuesday of each month from 7 to 8 PM


Email Laura here.


Book Club

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Let’s stay curious and informed together! We’ve been reading about organizing strategy and discussing every other Sunday.

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