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Anti War X Climate

Costs of War

The Costs of War project conducts and publishes research to facilitate debate about the ongoing consequences of the United States post-9/11 wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere; the costs of the U.S. global military footprint; and the domestic effects of U.S. military spending. Created in 2010 and housed at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the Costs of War project builds on the work of over 60 scholars, experts, human rights advocates, and physicians from around the world.

We aim to raise awareness and foster discussion by providing the fullest possible account of the human, economic, political, and environmental costs of U.S. militarism, laying the foundation for better informed U.S. foreign and domestic policies.

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2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year of building power. Our new Housing and Transportation teams started pushing progressive policies at the city level. Our Amazon campaign began organizing and training tech workers to leverage their power to act on climate. We delved into state policy work, finding a niche where we could bring people power to bear on Olympia.

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2019 Annual Report

In 2019, 350 Seattle dramatically scaled up our work to support a transition away from fossil fuels and towards an equitable clean energy future. Below are highlights from our three overarching areas of work.

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350 Seattle 2021 Annual Report
Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

In 2021, we began to pull ourselves out of pandemic shock and into our new, still ambiguous reality. We gathered together again–safely, and outdoors—while also taking advantage of the continued existence of Zoom hearings by showing up in ever-greater numbers to give testimony at both the city and state levels.

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Story Circle


Dear readers,
We are so excited to bring you our second community zine. This year’s theme, home, was inspired by Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book Braiding Sweetgrass. We’re grateful to everyone who contributed to this collaborative project with art, ideas, and visions.

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2024 Seattle Solidarity Budget website screenshot
Seattle Green New Deal

Seattle Solidarity Budget Website

Right now, with at least 32% of our city’s general fund going towards criminalization and punishment, the only guarantee is that Seattle’s most marginalized and vulnerable residents lack the resources needed to survive. Our city’s current budget allocations guarantee continued suffering in the form of sweeps of our unhoused neighbors, and repeated arrests, court dates, and nights in the deadly King County Jail for Black and brown communities, queer and trans folks, people with disabilities, and poor people in general.

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Screenshot of spreadsheet listing community resources in Seattle
Community Resilience

350 Seattle Community Resource List

Our Community Activist Resources Lists help support our most active and our broader movement with some of the vast number of resources available in the Seattle area for 350 Seattle and the general community! Check out the reduced to no cost resource list here and share with others in our broader movement community who may be interested.

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