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Moving Beyond Climate Pledges

350 Seattle is a grassroots-led community confronting the root causes of the climate crisis.

We're Building a

Cross Class Multi Generational Multi Racial Climate Movement

We imagine a Seattle where no matter what neighborhood you live in, what color your skin is, or how much money you make, you deserve a good future.

We want healthy lungs, accessible public transportation, thriving neighborhoods powered by renewable energy, where everyone can afford their bills and everyone gets to be well.

Why We Fight

The climate crisis is already here

The planet is boiling, basic needs are hardships with runaway inflation, people born in this city can’t stay here. Corporations and wealthy elites are burning up the planet for profit and our conservative politicians are dancing in the ashes

despite all of their pledges.
After a year of campaigning, canvassing, lobbying and marching, in 2023 the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the Building Emissions Performance Standard. 
When climate activists, labor unions, community organizers, frontline coalitions and everyday folks like you and me unite -

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What We’re Up To

Are we hitting the streets? Lobbying electeds? Organizing mutual aid? Find out below.

What if climate change isn’t only a crisis –

What if it’s our best chance to build a better world?

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