People are the heart of 350 Seattle. We’ve come into this fight because of our passion for climate justice, and we work around the clock to influence the political, business, and social realities of our era in the hope of preserving a livable world.



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September 2020 Newsletter!

  Maybe you’ve heard? There’s an apocalyptic election in the works. Meanwhile Black lives...

Present & Powerful

As a child, I used to lie in a hollow space below a cherry tree that was wound around a mulberry tree, their branches reaching toward the ground and surrounding me on all sides. Inside that secret place, I took my pick of the fruits in the canopy, and I thought of it as a single tree, capable of something greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s a Way of Life: Rachel Heaton interview

“The biggest thing is having my kids see my work… it’s a way of life. It’s who I am as a Native person…It’s about having a better place for all people. The biggest gift that I have is taking over a bank and wearing my son in a pack and knowing that he sees that.”

In your heart, you know we’re right

It always seemed a little like Imogene forgot to grow old, unruly white hair notwithstanding. I told her at one point that I wanted to be like her when I grew up, and I still do. She never stopped expecting the best from people, so she never gave up on trying to get it.

August Newsletter

Yeah, we’re ticked off, and it’s not because of the sun in our eyes, it’s... THE MAYOR’S VETO In a...


What if global warming isn’t only a crisis
What if it’s our best chance to build a better world?
– Naomi Klein