People are the heart of 350 Seattle. We’ve come into this fight because of our passion for climate justice, and we work around the clock to influence the political, business, and social realities of our era in the hope of preserving a livable world.


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Power Past Fracked Gas needs a…


River Restoration: A Collaboration

Q&A with Dr. Cleo Woelfle-Erskine: Collaborating with the Duwamish Tribe and Community Groups...

Healing for Activists

It’s hard to prioritize personal well-being in the face of so much to fix in the world. I...

The Cause that Connects Us

The day after election day, feeling fear and dread, I boarded a bus to Pioneer Square, where I met...

Raising Children in a Warming World

“Because I have children, I want to bury my head under a pile of pillows and forget about the world’s woes. But because I have children, for whom I want the world to be better, avoidance and denial are inexcusable.”

Present & Powerful

As a child, I used to lie in a hollow space below a cherry tree that was wound around a mulberry tree, their branches reaching toward the ground and surrounding me on all sides. Inside that secret place, I took my pick of the fruits in the canopy, and I thought of it as a single tree, capable of something greater than the sum of its parts.


What if global warming isn’t only a crisis
What if it’s our best chance to build a better world?
– Naomi Klein