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Anti War X Climate

At the intersection of US militarism and the climate crisis, Anti War X Climate works in coalition with the Seattle Antiwar Coalition and Washington Against Nuclear Weapons.

350 Seattle participates in two local antiwar organizations – the Seattle AntiWar Coalition and WA Against Nuclear Weapons – in order to organize at the intersection of the climate crisis and U.S. militarism. We have a presentation available for interested organizations (please email us here to schedule).

Some basic facts about U.S. militarism:

  • The US military is the world’s largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gas – it emits more than approximately 150 countries. But it isn’t required to report its emissions! (more at
  • The US military budget is bigger than the next 11 countries combined, including Russia, China, India, and Israel. We need that money for a Green New Deal!
  • The US has approximately 800 bases and installations in 80 countries around the world, where it is responsible for land and water pollution as well as human rights abuses. We need international solidarity – not militarism – to fight for a livable future!
(Map courtesy of WA Against Nuclear Weapons)

Many Washingtonians are unaware of the extensive presence of the U.S. military in our state. For example, Washington is home to 8 of the nation’s 14 nuclear-armed Trident submarines, each with a destructive capacity many hundreds times greater than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Advocate against US militarism. Bring awareness to the ways in which the US military exacerbates the climate crisis, including here in WA state.


We have a presentation available! Interested organizations can email us to schedule.



Ad for Shut It Down for Palestine event at Greenlake Park in Seattle

Solidarity with Palestine

If you can’t make it to the streets, theres plenty of other ways to support a ceasefire in Gaza. Consider looking into this Boycott Guide from

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Artful Activism

Check out the next 350 Seattle Team!

Artful Activism draws attention to climate justice issues through visual arts, interactive installations, music, dance, and more.
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