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Electrify Seattle

Right now, Seattle is working on a policy to end climate pollution from large buildings. But corporate giants and the fossil fuel industry are lobbying behind-the-scenes to undermine it with too-little, too-late timelines like 2050 and pay to pollute schemes.


Join us as we build community power for timelines rooted in climate science and justice, to create hundreds of green union jobs in the next decade, and to close the door on fossil fuel industry greenwashing for good.

Campaign Details

Upgrading Seattle’s big buildings is our chance to win cooling for thousands of Seattle residents, tackle our fastest-growing source of climate pollution, and create hundreds of family-wage jobs building our clean energy future.

That’s why this year, we’re organizing to ensure that Seattle City Council passes the strongest possible policy to transition our big buildings off fossil fuels. The current proposal includes too-little, too-late timelines like net-zero by 2050, loopholes for false climate solutions like ‘renewable natural gas’ and pay to pollute incentives. And because Seattle is one of the first places to consider a big buildings transition policy — what we do here sets the bar for cities around the US. So we’ve got work to do!

Video/photography by Growing Boy Media, Brady Lawrence Photography & 350 Seattle Media Team 

If we win this fight, we could see all of our schools, libraries, university campuses, grocery stores, hotels, office buildings and large apartment buildings in Seattle upgraded for 100% clean energy and cooling in the next decade. The work to upgrade these buildings would create tons of good green union jobs, and eliminate our city’s fastest-growing source of climate pollution! 

With massive amounts of new federal money available to do these upgrades, there is no excuse to not do this now. But it’s going to take a big push to overcome the resistance of big landlords, developers and the fossil fuel companies who want to delay these upgrades as long as possible.

Yes, these are wealthy & powerful opponents. But as anyone who’s organized with us to win climate resilience upgrades for Seattle community centers, clean energy investments at 14 Seattle Public Schools, or JumpStart Seattle’s $200M/year for affordable housing & Seattle’s Green New Deal knows – when we build vibrant grassroots support, work in cross-movement coalition and activate our communities for climate justice, we are powerful enough to take on big business and WIN. 

With lots of supported roles and learning opportunities, this is a great campaign to plug into if you’re new to organizing or want to build your skills. Fill out this campaign onboarding form and an organizer will reach out 1-1 to get you plugged in.

Check out the 350 Seattle calendar for upcoming campaign events – all climate justice supporters welcome! Join us to learn more about the Electrify Seattle campaign, meet other community members and get involved!



Contact Jess (350 Seattle Campaigns Co-Director) at

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