Seattle for a Green New Deal Poster: Healthcare, Education, Housing, and Jobs for All

Seattle for a Green New Deal and a 2021 #SolidarityBudget

Seattle’s Green New Deal is rooted in the value that everyone – no matter what zip code they live in, what they look like, or what’s in their wallet – deserves a healthy future. 

That’s why we stand with the dozens of environmental justice and climate organizations, racial justice coalitions, labor unions, service providers, arts & cultural organizations and housing advocates who are calling for a #SolidarityBudget that divests from police, divests from pollution and invests in community.  

Can you add your voice today & send a message to City leaders in support of the #SolidarityBudget?



Whether it’s police violence or the slow violence of smoke-filled skies, our City’s Green New Deal actions must confront these injustices head on as we work towards reducing our climate pollution. Climate action without equally strong measures to address systemic racism and economic injustice will only perpetuate this broken system: we are headed towards climate chaos because of an economy that prioritizes profit over people and planet. We can’t solve this crisis with the same strategies that got us here.

That’s why 350 Seattle and Sunrise Seattle are teaming up to activate Seattle’s climate community in support of the #SolidarityBudget. For the next two months, we’ll be organizing with love and power: together visioning an abolitionist & Green New Deal future; engaging our friends and family; showing up to Council meetings; and keeping the pressure on City leaders to win a budget that values Black lives and a healthy climate future for all.

Learn more and get involved! Our weekly call team hosts a new volunteer onboarding session EVERY Monday night, before our weekly organizing update call.

Join us to learn about the #SolidarityBudget, how 350 Seattle and Sunrise Seattle are teaming up for anti-racist climate organizing this fall, and how YOU can plug in! 

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