Seattle for a Green New Deal Poster: Healthcare, Education, Housing, and Jobs for All

Seattle’s Green New Deal is a climate justice and jobs program: we’re building power to win community investments that create healthy, resilient neighborhoods and thousands of good, union jobs while eliminating our city’s climate pollution by 2030. 

From wildfires and smoke to heat waves, rising seas, and super storms, we’re all feeling climate chaos—but racial and economic injustice mean Black, Indigenous, people of color, and low-income communities are being hit first and worst. The global pandemic, economic recession, and racial justice uprisings made it painfully clear how these overlapping crises are interconnected—and that our solutions must be too. 

The good news is that solutions are ready to go, and they’ll make our lives better. 

Seattle’s Green New Deal means transformative investments in affordable housing; free and expanded bus service; and healthy neighborhoods where people can safely walk, bike, and roll. It means transitioning our homes from dirty fossil fuel to clean power—lowering utility bills, cleaning our air, and creating hundreds of good union jobs along the way. And it means community investments in education, jobs pathways, and real public safety.

Since we co-launched the campaign with Got Green in 2019, 350 Seattle has worked in broad coalition to

  • Develop and pass a Green New Deal resolution, committing Seattle to the goals of the community campaign and accelerating Seattle’s timeline for becoming carbon-neutral (from 2050 to 2030)
  • Fund the Green New Deal Community Oversight Board and GND Advisor city staff position.
  • Win JumpStart Seattle, which raises $220M/year for local Green New Deal solutions like affordable housing and transitioning low-income homes off fossil fuels, by taxing the city’s biggest corporations. 
  • Ensure all new commercial buildings are powered by 100% clean energy. We mobilized to pass Seattle’s 2021 Commercial Energy Code update, which effectively bans gas space and water heating in new commercial and multi-use buildings 4 stories or higher (80% of Seattle’s new construction).
  • Fight for a Solidarity Budget: In fall 2020, the Solidarity Budget campaign brought 200+ community groups together to organize for 2021 City budget that responds to overlapping crises of COVID 19, economic injustice, systemic racism and climate change. Together, we won an 18% cut to SPD’s budget; $30M for participatory budgeting; funding for safe shelter and housing; COVID relief; funding to kickstart JumpStart’s GND investments, and more.

We’re currently building our next campaign — stay tuned for opportunities to get involved and help grow Seattle’s Green New Deal future!