Seattle for a Green New Deal Poster: Healthcare, Education, Housing, and Jobs for All

The climate crisis is a grave threat to everything that we love ― but it’s also an opportunity.

We see a future for Seattle that’s healthy, just, and thriving. The things we need to do to respond to the climate crisis will also make this a better city: electrifying buildings and transport will get rid of pollution that’s making people sick. Building out affordable housing in all Seattle neighborhoods will keep everyone housed and healthy through heatwaves and wildfire smoke, while also reducing unnecessary commute times — the #1 driver of local climate pollution. Utilizing more street space for buses, bikes, and pedestrians (and less for private cars and car storage) will make us safer and healthier, and open up room for more street trees too. All of these things will create thousands of good, family-wage jobs, and all of them can be implemented so that the benefits flow first and most to communities who have been most impacted by systemic racism and economic injustice.

It’s not rocket science. We don’t need new technology. We just need people power: putting our time (and money) where our values are, and doing the things that might just leave our kids a decent future.

Want to join us in working for a healthy, thriving Seattle for all? Get involved with this fall’s Solidarity Budget campaign!

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