On August 12th, 2019, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously in favor of a Green New Deal for Seattle.

What comes next? That depends on us. Right now, we’re working for a big business tax and to ensure safe Streets for People. 

What is Seattle for a Green New Deal?

Seattle for a Green New Deal is a people-powered coalition that will continue to push Mayor Durkan and the Council to turn the Green New Deal resolution into powerful legislation. Here’s what we’ll be fighting for in 2019 and beyond:

  • more transportation access and options, including free electric transit that connects every Seattle neighborhood;
  • the equitable transitioning of our city’s 160,000 fossil fuel-powered homes to carbon-free, electric power;
  • the build-out of tens of thousands of units of affordable housing, without displacing existing communities; and
  • the weatherization of our existing housing stock – reducing pollution and lowering our energy bills.

Seattle’s climate pollution has been rising in recent years, and we can no longer respond to the climate emergency with incremental measures, nor empty words. The climate crisis urgently necessitates an all-hands-on-deck mobilization.

Please join our movement and help us grow support for eliminating Seattle’s emissions by 2030, correcting historical injustices, and creating thousands of jobs.

By rising to the climate challenge, we can do much more than simply reduce our climate pollution: We can build a more just, healthy, and beautiful city for all.