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Art helps to make our movement inviting, and gives people of all ages and backgrounds a way to participate and draw attention to important issues. You don’t need experience or particular skills to join us, just a desire to create beautiful and powerful imagery or music, and/or a desire to engage in other creative forms of outreach and networking.

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Artful Activism at the Solstice Parade

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What we do

We create beautiful, clear, and accessible messaging through visual imagery, music, videography, photography, graphic design, dance, and theater…AND we’re open to other creative ideas. We also work on data systems, currently improving our photo and imagery libraries for ease of access. In addition to supporting all the art needs of the org’s amazing work, we are developing more and more projects so that we can lead with art. We primarily focus our outreach on accessible heart-centered participatory activities to engage people at many levels and create multiple pathways for entry into the movement.

We are in a growth phase where we are developing teams to take on many aspects of the organizing, and welcome your participation at any level, with any skillset, from none, to data entry, to skilled artist or organizer, and everything in between.

This workgroup has been around since the beginning of 350 Seattle, creating and deploying impressive art and visuals for all of 350 Seattle workgroups, actions and events. We also play a big part in the org’s networking and coalition work, offering arts support to other local and regional orgs working on climate and/or social justice issues. We strive to make connections with individuals and communities, building relationships to ensure that the climate movement is effective and responsive for all of us.

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