Tomorrow–Thursday–at 2pm, please join us at Wells Fargo Center downtown (999 3rd Ave)(Facebook page) for a rally in support of Standing Rock….because every day of December is a day of action. Wells Fargo is one of the biggest funders of DAPL; if you have an account there, we’d love for you to close it tomorrow, and be sure to tell them why. But even if you don’t have an account there, or if this isn’t enough notice to close it, it’s important to come if you can–with your kids if you have them!–to send a strong signal that funding dangerous and climate-destabilizing projects like this is not morally acceptable, and won’t be accepted. If you have an account with a different bank that funds the pipeline, come down and sign a public pledge to move your money to a fossil-fuel free account.

Two Norwegian funders–including Norway’s biggest bank–have already begun to pull out (that’s an inspiring article for the way in which it shows that a small group of folks can have a major impact on something like this). US banks must do no less.

For us, this is Standing Rock solidarity, and also a shot across the bow for a larger campaign we’re running this winter/spring. Please join us! And whether you can or can’t, please be part of the Thunderclap.

PS We are also having a New Member Summit next week on the 8th, for all who’d like to volunteer with us, but haven’t yet. More details here. Also a Tar Sands Valve-Turner Forum on Civil Disobedience Today on the 12th; a Pledge of Resistance event, Building Power in the Age of Trump, on the 15th; and much more. As always, keep an eye on our calendar!