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Today! The buck stops here

Image of climate marchers with text "We beat the KXL Pipeline Once, we'll do it again"

Last month, the people of Seattle demanded loudly and clearly that the City remove our money from Wells Fargo, because of its investment in DAPL–and we won! We cannot let that money go to any bank that provides loans to TransCanada or Keystone XL.

The resolution to ensure that it doesn’t will be introduced for a vote by Council Member Sawant TODAY. We have three requests:

1. Join us, and spread the word (also testify, if you can)
What: DeFund KXL Resolution at Seattle City Council
When: Today, Monday, March 27th, 2PM
Where: City Chambers, Seattle City Hall, Seattle, 98104

2. Make calls to the Council this morning and early afternoon.

3. Take five seconds to send them a form letter.

Tell the Council: the buck stops here. We can’t allow City money–our money–to be mixed up with banks funding such devastating projects.




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