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Looking for an Organizational Development consultant!

We’re looking for an Organizational Development Consultant!

After three years of rapid growth, we’ve realized some of the limits of our structure, and are looking for expert advice.

We’re seeking an Organizational Development consultant who will be supported by our Structure Task Force (a group of 7 people, made up of Hub and non-Hub leaders), to design a transparent and inclusive process to develop a structure and decision-making model for 350 Seattle that:

  • Is scaleable for rapid movement growth and sustainable as people move through and on from the organization
  • Meets our legal requirements as a 501(c)3
  • Allows for transparent and fair decision-making
  • Builds in a leadership ladder
  • Welcomes all people, especially underrepresented groups
  • Creatively addresses how to pay people for their work
  • And is aligned with and accountable to our core values

We believe our strength comes from our commitment to being driven by grassroots energy and not by funders. It is important that our structure keeps this commitment front and center.

If you know someone who’d be interested in this, please share the RFP!

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