Defund #DAPL!
Defund #DAPL!

What’s below is an archive after our big win with the City of Seattle. For more information on how to divest your city from banks and others invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline, though, check out

Support Standing Rock!

img_0806Following the Army Corps of Engineers decision to temporarily halt to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Honor the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network, and Camp of the Sacred Stones put out a joint statement: “We ask anyone that is considering traveling to join the encampments at Standing Rock to stay home for now and instead take bold action in your local communities to force investors to divest from the project.” Since then, the #DeFundDAPL – Seattle Action Coalition has deployed over 30 actions at over a dozen Wells Fargo branches, with letter-readings, account-closings (including a $1 million account–see below!), and hundreds rallying both outside and inside the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Seattle.

Following the big day of action on January 5th, our next step is to ensure that the Seattle City Council passes the Socially Responsible Banking Ordinance and the City severs its ties with Wells Fargo. The ordinance will first be voted on in the finance committee, and then will go on to full council for a final vote. Please call your Council Member (numbers and script here) to ask that s/he votes for it when it comes before the Council. If you don’t have time to call, you can also send this form letter. Thank you!

To join our #DeFundDAPL campaign, please fill out the #DeFundDAPL form.