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Help us fund meaningful and immediate climate action. Every little bit helps!

Week to week, many of us have expenses that aren’t far off of what we earn—so we may not be able to give as generously as we’d like.

But sometimes there are moments when a big number—$10,000, even—is suddenly a rounding error. Did you get $20k more for your house than you expected, or spend $10K less? Did you get a big bonus, or did someone leave you money? Or maybe it’s not such a big number, but you got a couple hundred more for your old bike or car than you expected.

What better use of a windfall than investing in a stable planet?

We’ll never have more leverage to work for a stable climate than we do right now; if we’d been able to spur appropriate mitigation efforts in 2000, we’d have needed reductions of only about 4% a year to stay below 1.5°C; now, it’s 18%. If you find yourself with a windfall, please consider offering that money to our fight for a livable Earth.


The other time when your assets and income aren’t tied to your expenses is in your will. What could show your care for the world you’re leaving behind more than making sure that some of your resources go straight to climate work?

Want to talk to us about either of these scenarios?  Send an email to Alice Mar-Abe

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