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Story Circles are a community-building space for listening, learning, and sharing stories. Storytelling is a powerful act that can help us process the world around us and shift culture.

Our mission is to center supportive and accessible creative practices, help people connect with their climate stories and creative agency, examine and challenge the dominant stories in our culture, and imagine the future we’ll build together.

We are all storytellers; stories live through us, and can limit or liberate us. We come together to honor those stories and the value of creativity outside of its commodification.

Upcoming Happenings

  • Our standard final-Friday Story Circle sessions are canceled for November and December due to popular holidays.
  • We are hosting a book club to read Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer this winter. The book is divided into 5 sections, and we’ll use that structure to guide our pacing through the book. Register here! And please feel free to drop into our group at any point.

Join Our Community

  • Story Circles gather on the final Friday of each month. We tend to be more online during the winter and in-person during the summer when we can meet outdoors!
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  • Explore our community-built Resources & Opportunities file.