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Get Involved

Are you ready to dive in and get involved with 350 Seattle?

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Campaign Descriptions

Keep it in the Ground – focuses on regional and national issues around tar sands, oil transport and export, and Arctic drilling.‎

Trans Mountain – focuses on Canada’s recent permitting of this massive tar sands pipeline–a climate disaster that would result in 7x as many tankers in the Sound.‎

Defund Disaster – works to prevent projects that would be catastrophic for the climate by pressuring the investors who fund them.

Community Solutions – focuses on regional climate justice initiatives like community solar, transit, and affordable housing.

Trade & Economic Policy – works to educate the community about the climate effects of trade policy, and also about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

NW Divest – works to instigate, support, and guide divestment across the spectrum of governmental and institutional entities (as well as by individuals).

Families Uniting Now (FUN) – creates a fun, supportive space where families can come to learn how to take action together.

Artful Activism – provides art and visuals support for 350 Seattle and for actions with allied groups, bringing creativity to the movement.

Frontline Allies/Anti-Racism – focuses on challenging ourselves to be better allies to communities of color and low-income communities, especially those most directly affected by climate change and the fossil fuel economy.

Media/Communications – works to support 350 Seattle with press, content, and web support.‎ This isn’t a stand-alone campaign–we have a small media team that will be working to support campaigns with resources and training.

Infrastructure – works in both movement-building and operations. For the former, we support the growth of 350 Seattle by offering trainings, as well as social gatherings so we can get to know each other. The Operations Team holds down the “behind the scenes” work: data, admin, fundraising, finance, etc.

On-Call Task Team – provides support for a wide range of 350 Seattle activities–flyering, tabling, data entry, etc. If you have limited or unpredictable time but want to support us, sign up, and then join us when you can!

Outreach – Want to hit the streets in Seattle neighborhoods to talk to people about climate issues like oil trains or community solar? Tell us this in the text boxes at left!

If you have other skills or talents to share, please share in the comment box!

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