Feb 25

Another Terrific Oil Train Action

mob150+ folks turned out last night for a spirited action held to highlight the dangers of oil trains and also to celebrate our victory in Skagit County, where on Monday the Hearing Examiner ruled that Shell can’t move forward with expansion plans (to accept oil trains) without a full environmental and safety review. No more rubber stamps for projects we know are catastrophic, whether because of their climate impacts or because of their local environmental and safety concerns.

Two dozen or so folks stayed after the event to wait for the next oil train, and shine a light, quite literally, on their dangers.


Feb 23

Another big day in the fight against oil trains on Tuesday


Please join us at 5:30 pm across from the King St. train station, at 2nd and Jackson, where we’ll gather to protest the craziness of having explosive trains travel daily through and UNDER our city.


Just this week, the AP reported that the Department of Transportation has estimated there will be fifteen derailments of oil trains this year, like the one that happened in West Virginia last week. If it were to happen in downtown Seattle, it would be catastrophic.


Join us in calling for a halt to all new permits for oil-by-rail infrastructure, and a revocation of all existing permits for the same.


Facebook event page.

Feb 18

Not another one!

This is insane…and this train was made up of the new, supposedly “safer” cars.

Chicago Tribune picture of W. Va. train fire

Nothing about these trains can be made safe, but the idea of going to 1-person crews (for mile-long trains!) has got to be one of the most irresponsible ideas ever. Please write to your legislators to urge them to support SB 5697, which requires 4 crew members on unit oil trains, and also to President Obama to demand new safety regulations.

Feb 15

Did you miss the wedding?

Check out Divest UW’s Global Divestment Day mock wedding (of UW to Big Oil).


Feb 10

Support youth activism, and see The Vanishing of the Bees

On February 22nd, 2015, Garfield High School students from Global Visionaries are showing the film The Vanishing of the Bees, with guest speakers Kirin Bhatti from Common Acre and local beekeeper Korvus Blackbird, as part of their youth-led fundraising film and lecture series, Visionary Viewing.


It’s from 4:30 to 7pm at the University of Washington’s Savery Hall (Rm# 260). More info. is on the Facebook Event page.

Feb 03

Submit your comments against the Shell refinery expansion for oil trains by Feb. 5!

Here is the information you need to do so…..

Feb 01

Heron’s Warning

From the terrific 1/29 hearing in Mt. Vernon, where 100 folks showed up to protest the expansion of the Anacortes Shell refinery so that it can accept oil trains.


Feb 01

Kathleen Dean Moore & Rachelle McCabe, last week for Climate Week at the University Unitarian Church

Jan 24

Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors Tell it Like it Is….

photo by Andy Clark

photo by Andy Clark


Read The Stranger’s article


In their 2015 State of the Planet address at City Hall today, the Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors addressed a crowd of about a hundred, describing our critical present moment, when we have to quickly change our ways and begin to abandon fossil fuels.


Hosted by CM Mike O’Brien, the kids were also joined by Rob Shirkey, founder of OurHorizon.org and one of the originators of the idea of gas pump “warming labels” to help overcome the problem of our daily-life disengagement from our relationship to carbon pollution and global warming.


Labeling gas pump nozzles “is just like labeling cigarettes,” according to 11-year-old Ambassador Stella, “but way better because gasoline poisons life all over the planet…If cigarettes were going to end the world, governments would label them or make them illegal. Why not label gasoline so people buy less?”


The Ambassadors also detailed the plan to get Washington state residents to plant 1 billion trees in coming years.


An inspiring time was had by all!


Jan 23

Tell the Port Commissioners!

Seattle doesn’t want any part of the climate catastrophe inherent in Shell’s Arctic drilling….

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