Sep 02

Don’t forget to reserve your bus seat for the Peace Arch Climate Rally


If you can make it to the Peace Arch on 9/20. And RSVP on FB.

Aug 28

Comments due TODAY to Skagit County!

If you’re upset that the increase in Shell oil train traffic is considered “nonsignificant”, make sure to check out the text from our last alert here, and/or the (very) detailed info here.

Aug 27

350 Seattle Presses Governor to Strengthen Climate Goals


350 Seattle has sent a letter urging Governor Jay Inslee and Washington State’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) to adhere to the best and most recent science regarding the demands of climate change. With the impacts of carbon pollution already being seen in Washington State, from record wildfires to shellfish industry distress, 350 Seattle urged the CERT to “set an example for other states, our nation, and our world.”


“We recognize that Jay Inslee is sincerely committed to serious climate action,” says Patrick Mazza of 350 Seattle.  ”We stand with the governor and call on him and the CERT to push for climate policy goals that meet the demands of climate science.” 


The group offered four primary recommendations:


  1. That carbon pricing be strong enough to make a rapid difference; as the letter states, “it is abundantly clear from the science  that not taking strong early action may lead to climate tipping points and changes with centuries-long impacts.”
  2. That climate science should be used to evaluate carbon-reduction targets.
  3. That carbon revenues be used in two basic ways, with a portion of carbon revenues being rebated to low-to-middle-income people, and the bulk of the remainder being focused on investments in carbon reduction (for example, low-cost financing for energy retrofits for buildings). 
  4. That some portion of the revenue be utilized for biocarbon storage. “Washington State has magnificent natural assets that can store large amounts of biocarbon, including our forests, farms, and wetlands,” the letter states. 


“By setting a high bar for carbon reduction goals, limiting offsets, and investing in actions to reduce carbon emissions and store biocarbon, we can set the pace for other states and the nation as a whole,” says Jan Keller. “And with the Governor and the CERT hard at work, now is an excellent time for us–as a group, and as citizens—to express our concerns for the future of our planet and our children.”

Aug 25

Climate Change Knows No Borders, Defense of the Salish Sea is without Boundaries!

9/20, 1pm, Peace Arch Park (map)


  • Act in solidarity with the historic People’s Climate March in New York
  • Honor the International Treaty to Protect the Sacredness of the Salish Sea to be signed 9/23 by Coast Salish Nations
  • Join the call for cross-border action by citizens and politicians to defend the Salish Sea from the juggernaut of new coal, oil, and LNG export projects

On September 20th, as world leaders gather for the UN climate summit in New York, Canadians, Americans, First Nations, Native American tribes, and all the diverse communities of the Salish Sea will gather at the Peace Arch to send a unified and clear message to world leaders, as well as to our own local elected officials: it is time for unprecedented action to defend the Salish Sea and our global climate from fossil fuel development. We will reach out across the border, literally taking each other’s hands; share our struggles and aspirations for a livable planet; and pledge to take unified action to protect the climate, ecosystems, economies, communities, and way of life of the cultures and nations that inhabit the Salish Sea bioregion.

The time for talk and posturing is long past: there can be no more failed international talks on climate.  As we rally at the Peace Arch, we will stand with people from all over the world to let governments know that now is the time for rapid, dramatic, and equitable reduction of carbon emissions.  Join us!

Join the Facebook event for updates.

Sponsored by: 350 Seattle, the Wilderness Committee, and the Georgia Strait Alliance

Aug 18

Woohoo! Ambre Energy Columbia River coal terminal dock: Permit denied

Full details here. An incredibly important victory for the broad and deep Power Past Coal Coalition, and all of us. Big Coal is probably starting to get the idea that the Pacific Northwest isn’t just going to roll over…..


Two more terminals to worry about, and lots of oil trains–but we’re on it!

Aug 13

Protect Our Salish Sea!

Salish_Sea_2There was a beautiful and powerful Native-led event at the Seattle waterfront on Monday to draw attention to the threats to the Salish Sea. We were honored to collaborate with Idle No More Washington and the Backbone Campaign. The event included a canoe landing, ceremonies and drumming, a water blessing, and another symbolic mass blockade at the railroad crossing. Fine KPLU story here.

Aug 04

Take the bus, and see our new ad…. - Interior Photo Contract 21433424-1 (1)


Our new bus ads have been sighted locally…they’re up on 84 buses, warning people about the influx of dirty energy into the state, and asking them to call the Governor and ask him to support the moratorium. If you haven’t done this yet, don’t forget! Many thanks to those who sponsored these and made them possible–we can think of few advertising venues that are both so appropriate and so broad in their reach.

Jul 26

Another great hearing

On Thursday night, 80 people packed the Army Corp of Engineers hearing on the EIS for the second BP Dock at Cherry Point. 35 people spoke – and every one was against expansion of the facility and urged strong environmental protection of the fragile ecosystem of the Sound. Many 350 members spoke: Ryan P, Ron Hawk, Court Olsen, Diane Shisk, Lynn Fitz-Hugh, Jan Keller, Rusty West (pictured), Michael Foster, Carlo Violi, Ahmed Gaya, Abby Brockway, and Deborah Wooley. All spoke powerfully of their love of the Sound and the need to protect the area for future generations. Thanks to all who came out and spoke!Rusty West 2

Jul 23

Hearing Thursday night: Testify against Increasing the Numbers of Cherry Point Oil Tankers

Federal Center South Galaxy Room, 4735 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA 98134 (map) Hearing is 7-9pm, rally is 6:15-6:45pm
BP – the same company that caused the disastrous Gulf Oil spill – has been shipping dirty oil in and out of Cherry Point without a full environmental review. The Army Corps of Engineers was sued, and as a result is now accepting public comments for its Environmental Impact Statement for a new dock. A strong  review will limit increases in oil tanker traffic in Puget Sound: we need your voice!
There will be a short rally just before the hearing. You can RSVP here.
If you can’t make it to the hearing, please send a message to the Army Corps of Engineers now urging them to protect our state from more oil shipments!

Jul 12

Another Lively (Brief) Blockade of the Tracks

Copyright Alex Garland

Thanks to all who came out to our second oil-train protest; we had about 150 people, a gorgeous day (if, um, a little….warm), and excellent speakers. Watch here and stay in touch for direct action possibilities this summer….warrior up!  (Videos below.)


Ahmed Gaya’s speech

(Plant for the Planet) Aji and Adonis oil train song


And also:

(Plant for the Planet) Abby’s speech


Patrick Mazza, former Research Director of Climate Solutions, talking about solutions and clean energy

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