Apr 21

Reserve your spot for Sunday!

As part of the Global Climate Convergence, we’ll be co-hosting Connecting the Dots: Compassionate Communities Fostering Climate, Social, & Economic Justice, this Sunday from 12:30 to 5:30. Sign up here!


Come collaborate on the critical issues of our time! Learn, connect with groups working on the issues, make art, and develop a better understanding of what we all can do to be part of the solution. 350 Seattle will talk about the realities of climate change, and the need for collective action. Compassionate Seattle will challenge us to come from a place of compassion and healing intent in all our actions. And Backbone Campaign will host The Canopy Collective, an eco-feminist cooperative, to provide anti-oppression trainings that build capacity for collaboration and collective liberation.


Apr 15

Congrats to Divest SU

For a terrific event. Last month, the administration told them “no” on divestment; yesterday, the Divest SU students made it clear that that the conversation is not over, and that they intend to hold the University to its Jesuit mission of working for a just and humane world.


Mar 11


On Monday afternoon, the City Council unanimously passed the oil train resolution, cosponsored by Council Member O’Brien and Mayor Murray–making us the first jurisdiction in the nation to call not only for improved safety, but also for a moratorium on all new oil-by-rail infrastructure until safety and environmental concerns can be addressed. There’s press here.


Thanks so much to everyone for all the hard work, and for helping us put this issue front and center in the news!

Feb 22

Thanks for Joining Us!

A great show of support at City Hall yesterday, and lots of passionate public testimony. Here’s a clip:

And here is some of the great press we got.

Feb 20

Don’t forget!

Tomorrow is the day the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability committee will consider the oil train resolution. We need to be there in force to take part in the public comment period,  letting them know that we support the resolution, and urging them to strengthen it by adding in language about climate change and support for a statewide moratorium on new oil infrastructure projects.

We’ll meet at 1pm on the City Hall steps, and speakers including Council Member Mike O’Brien will join us. At 2pm, the hearing begins; you need to sign up to speak as you enter for the meeting. Here are some talking points if you plan to take part in the hearing.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 19

Civil Disobedience Panel Tonight!

6:30-8:15pm, Plymouth Congregational Church on 6th Ave. downtown.

Join us, and learn why most of our 350 hub members have been arrested. After each tells a story or two about their arrests, we’ll talk about different types of CD, strategy, and how we make these choices. Whether you’re interested in risking arrest or are just curious, there should be a lot of food for thought.


Feb 08

Great new video on the oil trains

Check it out!

Feb 04


Wonderful that 250-300 people came out on such a cold night, to demonstrate our resolve against Keystone XL and its dangerous siblings. Thanks so much for a beautiful display, everyone–and thanks especially to our terrific speakers–Paul Che oke ten Wagner, Sundance Chief Rueben George, Reverend Paul Benz, and Zoe Foster–and our emcees, Adam Gaya and Abby Brockway. Here is the video from the event, and below are a few pictures, thanks to photographer Alex Garland.




IMG_5599 IMG_5715 IMG_5697 IMG_5659 IMG_5607


Feb 02

KXL Alert: the Endgame Begins…

The State Department Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) came out on Friday, and it’s no damn good.

TOMORROW WE’RE HAVING A PROTEST VIGIL–part of a national sweep of more than 200 such actions– at 6pm, at the Jackson Federal Building (915 2nd Ave. ). Please bring candles in jars (short candles in tall jars are best if it’s windy) and/or flashlights…and if you feel so moved, wear blue and green (and/or bring Seahawks signs); their game is over, but the fight against “game over”is just beginning, and we must win. There will be speakers, music, and passionate resolve to save this beautiful planet that’s so profoundly at risk right now.

PLEASE JOIN US. It’s going to be a busy few months, and we need every one of you.

Jan 31

Foundations Divest

Check out Joel Connelly’s article in the P-I, and another one written by two people in one of the foundations involved, detailing some of the rationale in the decision-making process.

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