Nov 17

350 Seattle Activists Featured on Downtown Billboards!

350 Seattle is excited to announce that we were chosen for a gift of electronic billboard space by the kind folks at RevealX: this means that for several days, activists we’ve chosen are being featured on their downtown and Capitol Hill billboards (locations here).


Today is Margie Bone.




Earlier this week was Whitney Howe.



And Alex Lenferna.



More coming soon!

Nov 08

Not Another Haiyan! Climate Justice Now.



Thanks to everyone for a beautiful march yesterday–200+ people: Bayan, Rising Tide Seattle, 350 Seattle, and others. It was a beautiful day despite the weather, and a fine, strong statement of support for climate justice.


To support people affected by Typhoon Lando, go here.



Oct 28

Gates Divestment Campaign Turns up the Heat….


…so Bill & Melinda Gates might help us turn DOWN the heat, by divesting their significant Foundation funds from the companies that have misled us for decades.



On Saturday, the kayaktivists returned–this time on Lake Washington, in front of the Gates mansion.


And today, we brought out our secret weapon: the Plant for the Planet kids. We found out that it happens to be Bill Gates’s 60th birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday, signed a big card, and gave him a Plant for the Planet t-shirt (though Aji left strict instructions that he wasn’t to wear it until they had instructed the Foundation to divest). The terrific youth band The Onlies performed, and former Mayor McGinn introduced the Plant for the Planet speakers. Don’t forget to ask all the groups and clergy members you know to sign on to the letter!PFTP



Oct 16

What an evening!

First was the excellent anti-TPP street theater, with Mr. Pennybags and his attack dogs, including terrible new one, TPP.


IMG_7814 IMG_7622


Then it was off to City Hall to gather and make climate ribbons.

And then on to the march….



And then the event at Occidental, with fabulous speakers all around.IMG_8551 IMG_8706 IMG_8674 IMG_8760
With sobering climate news coming nearly every week, we need to be unified, loud, and strong to fight the forces that caused this crisis. We need to support each other, and find a new way forward.

Wednesday night was an awesome step along that path. Thanks so much to everyone for making it such an inspiring event!





Sep 10

Gates Foundation Divestment Campaign Begins!


Photo by Alex Garland

The Gates Foundation headquarters sign says “Every person deserves the chance to live a healthy, productive life.” Ours says “Yes, they do!”


Learn all about our campaign to get the Foundation to divest, and join us!

Aug 03



This seems like an apt week to announce our commitment to science-based carbon reductions and solutions.


Washington State and Seattle have been leaders on climate issues, but this reputation is deeply threatened by the great increase in fossil fuel infrastructure in the state–Arctic drilling rigs, oil trains, coal trains, new highways, etc.–and also by a lack of bold and unwavering attention to what the laws of physics actually require of us if we want to have a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.


We hope the wording of this commitment will allow us and other groups–we’re working to persuade many others to be signers to the statement–to keep our eyes on the prize of real sustainability, even when we sometimes accept measures that fall short of it (but that nevertheless get us a little closer).


We probably don’t have the clout to persuade the President to follow our lead….but with luck, we can help to influence local leaders to continue to strengthen their own legacies of leadership on climate issues. We will all be judged on this.

Jul 28

Nice MSNBC interview on kayaktivism….


With our own dear Lisa Marcus, and Bill Moyer of Backbone.



Jul 12

Stop Oil Trains!



Scores of people joined us for a processional and die-in yesterday, memorializing the 47 people who died in the July 2013 oil train explosion at Lac Megantic. The processional went from CenturyLink Field to SafeCo Field, both of which were packed with people, in order to underline the craziness of allowing unpredictable explosives-on-wheels to travel right through downtown Seattle, right next to the stadiums. As the fliers say: We are not prepared. No one is prepared.

Many thanks to the speakers, Kat Holmes, Lucas Amansec of Unite Here Local 8, Council Member Kshama Sawant, and Patrick Mazza; to Kat and David Perk for organizing; and to all who joined us on a Saturday evening!

Coverage here:


Jun 30

The (Ig) Noble Discoverer is Gone

val-2 (photo by Valerie Costa)

Well, we knew that kayaks vs. the machine wasn’t a fair fight, but nonetheless, it was very hard to watch the Noble Discoverer head up to Alaska this morning.

Twenty kayaktivists–from 350 Seattle, Backbone Campaign, and other groups–paddled into the rig’s path, and five were detained and fined by the Coast Guard.

But the fight is by no means over: it’s time now to put pressure on our political leaders to stand up to Shell, and make sure the company knows it’s not welcome in Washington State.

Just this morning, the Department of the Interior gave Shell its “letter of authorization” to “take” polar bears and walruses…like Arctic mammals don’t have enough to worry about. Thanks to the good work of Earthjustice, Shell is, at least, restricted to a single well at a time, and not the two that they’d been planning on: that’s something.

Stay tuned, and stay fired up!

Jun 25

Join the Vigil!

NDWithin a day or three–possibly as early as tomorrow–the (Ig) Noble Discoverer will leave Everett, on its way to the Arctic.


But it ain’t over. For one thing, Shell may have hit a permitting snag. For another, let’s face it, they haven’t been excessively competent in their efforts. And here in Seattle, we’ll be continuing our efforts at every level–political, educational, direct action–to keep the rigs from returning here (or, ideally, anywhere) ever again.


Meanwhile, we’re having a vigilon land and (for those who wish) on waterto mark the departure of the rig. We focused attention worldwide on the folly and injustice of Arctic drilling, and that’s an excellent start, but there’s no denying that however distressed we were to see these rigs arrive, we’re more distressed to see them leave.


Some of the kayakers may try to block the rig; they’d love your help. We’ll have (a few) extra kayaks available for those without.

In recent days, 800 people have died in an unprecedented heatwave in Karachi: these are the stakes. If Arctic drilling goes forward, it will embed ever more tragedies, permanently, into our future.


Please come join us, for a few hours or all night or all day, and sit with us in sorrow, in hope, and most of all in determination. Sign up for shifts on land (2458 W Marine View Dr) and/or on water (at the public boat launch, north of the Marina at the Port of Everett),…and please bring candles, flashlights, and your own signs (if you have them–if not, no worries).

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