Jan 15

Amazing Week in Snohomish County Court…


The Delta 5 trial concluded today, with a little something to bemoan (a guilty verdict for misdemeanor trespass and the fact that they couldn’t use the necessity defense in the end) and much to celebrate (an acquittal on the “obstructing a train” charge, and the thoughtful words of both the judge and the jurors. The wheels of justice are turning, if too slowly.)


Great stories here and here.


“Quite frankly they (the defendants) are tireless advocates whom we need in this society to prevent the kind of catastrophic effects that we see coming and our politicians are ineffectually addressing,” the judge said. Um, yeah….

Defendant & 350 Seattle member Abby Brockway with two of the jurors after the trial.

Defendant & 350 Seattle member Abby Brockway with two of the jurors after the trial.


You can also listen to Abby talk to the jurors.


Jan 03

350 Seattle Position on I-732

A week ago, the 350 Seattle Hub sent the following message to CarbonWA. On 12/30, CarbonWA turned in their signatures; we are disappointed they weren’t able to heed the calls from climate justice groups to not turn them in and to instead collaborate on an initiative that would meet stronger equity principles. If you have any questions or concerns about the Hub’s position on this, please email info@350seattle.org.  We are working to integrate more climate justice education into our work, so if you’d like to work on this, please email us as well.


Message sent 12/24/15

Dear Yoram and the CarbonWA board,

We’re deeply grateful for the time, energy, and great commitment you’ve put into the fight for carbon pricing in Washington State.

Your letter of a few days ago was incredibly heartening; the assessment of I-732′s passage, of a possible unified measure, and of the problems of dual measures was realistic and wise, and we understand how hard a decision it must have been for you to consider not turning in the signatures.

Because of that, we were saddened by last night’s email. We know that some of your members were deeply disappointed that I-732 might not go forward; we believe that nonetheless, they could have been–and perhaps still can be–communicated with in such a way as to help them understand that the unified measure was the right path forward, the one that would keep its eyes on the prize of what we all need.

We strongly urge you to reconsider; some people will be very unhappy either way, but as your letter made clear you understand, one way leaves us with a viable carbon pricing measure with broad support, and one does not. The clearest path toward the goal–carbon pricing in Washington state–is the former.

With gratitude,
The 350 Seattle Hub

Dec 23

Is WA About to Unite Behind a Carbon-Pricing Measure?

Looks like it. Read http://cascadiaplanet.blogspot.com to learn what’s up with CarbonWA and the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy…

Dec 16

What Kind of Person Blocks the Train Tracks?


Three of our nearest and dearest are getting ready to go to trial for their civil disobedience–blocking oil train tracks–in September 2014. Read their statements to find out why, and save the date: January 11th at 2pm is the start of their trial. Please join us in support!ing them!


Liz Spoerri’s Conservative, Logical, and Hopeful

Patrick Mazza’s Why I Moved to Direct Action 

and Abby Brockway’s Obedience to What?

Dec 12

Amazing Event Today!


photo by Alex Garland

Thanks so much to the hundreds of you who came out in the cold and the driving rain to acknowledge that given the inadequacy of the political process, it falls to the rest of us to exert the pressure necessary to stop business as usual, and give the world a real chance at the no-more-than-1.5°C-temperature rise mentioned as the aspirational goal in Paris.

George Monbiot aptly called today’s Paris agreement, “by comparison to what could’ve been, a miracle. By comparison to what should’ve been, a disaster”. So it’s a good thing we here in the Northwest know what we need to do…

And that we’re getting good at it.

Thanks so much to our speakers (Ayanna, Aji, Mike, and Zarna), our chant leader Laurie, and especially Hodan, our emcee. And, of course, to the fabulous & dedicated people that pulled this all together in 13 days, and all of you who came out today in the (admittedly seasonal) lousy weather.

As Council Member O’Brien, just back from the talks, said, “The agreement is both unprecedented and inadequate. We may finally have commitments from all countries to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and yet those levels of commitments are not enough to save us. And we have not committed enough to help the Least Developed nations who did nothing to create the catastrophe that they will bear the brunt of. It is once again on activists to draw a red line that we as a planet cannot cross, and then defend that line with everything we have.”

So sign the Pledge, and help us plot a new way forward. 




Dec 08

Join us for D12!

We Are The Red Line_ongoing banner

Details here. Facebook page here.

Dec 07

The Salmon Make it to Paris, and BNSF’s Seattle Corporate Office is Occupied….


13 activists (some of them, um, remarkably familiar-looking) were cited this afternoon for criminal trespass for occupying the Seattle corporate HQ of BNSF. Read about it here, especially the exceedingly reasonable demand letter, and definitely watch the great video.


For more inspiration, it’s hard to beat these great pics of our salmon, and some of our people, in Paris.

12299303_10153292543233034_9109288280459740692_n 12311251_1213891091960606_5099305416303285483_n





And if you still aren’t inspired after that, watch this morning’s Democracy Now! clip with our friends Ahmed Gaya and Zoe Buckley Lennox (one of last spring’s Polar Pioneer climbers/occupiers) in it.

Nov 17

350 Seattle Activists Featured on Downtown Billboards!

350 Seattle is excited to announce that we were chosen for a gift of electronic billboard space by the kind folks at RevealX: this means that for several days, activists we’ve chosen are being featured on their downtown and Capitol Hill billboards (locations here).


Today is Margie Bone.




Earlier this week was Whitney Howe.



And Alex Lenferna.



More coming soon!

Nov 08

Not Another Haiyan! Climate Justice Now.



Thanks to everyone for a beautiful march yesterday–200+ people: Bayan, Rising Tide Seattle, 350 Seattle, and others. It was a beautiful day despite the weather, and a fine, strong statement of support for climate justice.


To support people affected by Typhoon Lando, go here.



Oct 28

Gates Divestment Campaign Turns up the Heat….


…so Bill & Melinda Gates might help us turn DOWN the heat, by divesting their significant Foundation funds from the companies that have misled us for decades.



On Saturday, the kayaktivists returned–this time on Lake Washington, in front of the Gates mansion.


And today, we brought out our secret weapon: the Plant for the Planet kids. We found out that it happens to be Bill Gates’s 60th birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday, signed a big card, and gave him a Plant for the Planet t-shirt (though Aji left strict instructions that he wasn’t to wear it until they had instructed the Foundation to divest). The terrific youth band The Onlies performed, and former Mayor McGinn introduced the Plant for the Planet speakers. Don’t forget to ask all the groups and clergy members you know to sign on to the letter!PFTP



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