Apr 19

We need you.



The urgency of the climate crisis demands a passionate and resolute response. Over three days next month, we’ll put our bodies on the line to stop the flow of oil into and out of the March Point refineries.


We intend to make history, and we need you.


Break Free runs from Friday, May 13th through Sunday, May 15th. Below are the essential links for planning.



First, check the Action page to decide how you’re going to engage, and how many days you can join us for.


Next, figure out how you’re going to get to Anacortes. We have bus and van options, as well as carpools and other low-carbon alternatives. 


Our convergence space is available starting Thursday, May 12th at beautiful Deception Pass State Park. We have reserved 150+ camping sites south of the bridge.  A homestay message board has also been created, and we’ve added a link with nearby campgrounds, RV parks, hotels, and motels.


We’re training hundreds of people across the Pacific Northwest: we’re offering non-violent direct action (NVDA) trainings, kayaktivist trainings, art builds, and more.


If you can’t be there, can you sponsor a rider?


In these three days, we’ll embody our determination and our fierce love for this place. In whatever ways you can, please join us.



Mar 30

Just a few more days till Bill McKibben & Kshama Sawant speak at Town Hall!



Please join us for Keeping Fossil Fuel Underground Where It Belongs: Breaking Free from Exxon and All the Rest, at Town Hall on Monday. Tickets are available here. We’re also happy to announce that Kshama Sawant will open the evening, speaking on Uniting Against the Climate Crisis: The Way Forward for the Climate Justice Movement.

It’ll be an inspiring evening. Join us!

Mar 09

Official launch: Break Free from Fossil Fuels

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.00.44 PMWorld leaders say we have to stay below 1.5°C of warming to avoid radical climate destabilization. No current policies keep us anywhere near this goal: we’re barreling towards double that, leaving our children with a broken world. This has to change, and we have to lead. 

The Shell and Tesoro refineries near Anacortes, WA refine 47% of all the gas and diesel consumed in the NW, and are the largest source of carbon emissions in the Northwest; they are an integral part of the system we must change—within years, not decades.

Please join us for Break Free.

Mar 01

Weis Isn’t Right for City Light


After postponing its vote in response to questions raised by concerned citizens, the Seattle City Council will again take up the nomination of Larry Weis to be CEO of Seattle City Light on Tuesday, March 8th.

Is Weis the right person to lead “The Nation’s Greenest Utility”? We don’t think so.

While Weis was at Austin Energy he advocated in favor of fracked natural gas power plants and opposed the growth of solar (in sunny Texas!). He cherry picked his data to support his argument and didn’t play well with the Austin City Council.

Seattle City Light needs a CEO who recognizes that our city’s dependence on hydro power will become a liability in a world of melting glaciers, and who won’t reflexively turn to fossil fuels to solve that problem.

Please take a moment to submit a written comment opposing the hiring of Larry Weis as the new CEO of Seattle City Light.

Feb 26

Sign up for a yard sign!

EXXON LIED yard sign v4-1


Put it in your yard, put it in your house or apartment window, or put it in your back car window and drive all around the city with it!  Sign up here.

Feb 26

Don’t miss the Bill McKibben event on 4/4


Keeping Fossil Fuel Underground Where It Belongs: Breaking Free from Exxon and All the Rest

This May marks a worldwide mobilization called Break Free; one of the five US actions will be right here in Washington State. McKibben will offer an update from the global front lines about the fights that will determine just how overheated the earth will get; he’ll also touch on the “sheer, profound, and….unparalleled evil” of Exxon’s almost forty-year coverup of the catastrophic risks of burning of fossil fuels, and how decades of behavior like this have left us with no choice but to join the fossil fuel resistance, insisting that our leaders start shutting down dangerous fossil fuel projects and supporting the necessary–most ambitious–climate solutions.

Tickets here!


Feb 13

Join the Climate Flash Mob!


Help us raise awareness and invite new people into the climate movement while having fun!


We’ll take video of the flash mobs with dance to Big Oil Funk (with Aji singing his great altered climate lyrics over the instrumental of Uptown Funk), and pass out fliers at each performance to let observers know what it’s about and how to get involved in the climate movement.


Thanks for your participation!  Please share widely!

Rehearsal: Lynnae leading her dance & Aji singing.


Dance practice videos here from different angles and from one to many dancers for every learning style:



Roles still in need of volunteers:


  • dancers (beginners & others welcome!)
  • technical support with the amp for Aji
  • people to take video and photos (even on phones)
  • social media and outreach
  • people to coordinate and pass out fliers 


Flash Mob performance dates (updated):

  • Sunday, March 20, 6:00 pm, Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill – meet inside the fence at the southeast corner of the field
  • Friday, April 22, 5:00 pm, Seattle Center Fountain


RSVP to Lisa with which dates you can make it, and what you want to do.

Please join and share the Climate Flash Mob Facebook event.

Jan 15

Amazing Week in Snohomish County Court…


The Delta 5 trial concluded today, with a little something to bemoan (a guilty verdict for misdemeanor trespass and the fact that they couldn’t use the necessity defense in the end) and much to celebrate (an acquittal on the “obstructing a train” charge, and the thoughtful words of both the judge and the jurors. The wheels of justice are turning, if too slowly.)


Great stories here and here.


“Quite frankly they (the defendants) are tireless advocates whom we need in this society to prevent the kind of catastrophic effects that we see coming and our politicians are ineffectually addressing,” the judge said. Um, yeah….

Defendant & 350 Seattle member Abby Brockway with two of the jurors after the trial.

Defendant & 350 Seattle member Abby Brockway with two of the jurors after the trial.


You can also listen to Abby talk to the jurors.


Jan 03

350 Seattle Position on I-732

A week ago, the 350 Seattle Hub sent the following message to CarbonWA. On 12/30, CarbonWA turned in their signatures; we are disappointed they weren’t able to heed the calls from climate justice groups to not turn them in and to instead collaborate on an initiative that would meet stronger equity principles. If you have any questions or concerns about the Hub’s position on this, please email info@350seattle.org.  We are working to integrate more climate justice education into our work, so if you’d like to work on this, please email us as well.


Message sent 12/24/15

Dear Yoram and the CarbonWA board,

We’re deeply grateful for the time, energy, and great commitment you’ve put into the fight for carbon pricing in Washington State.

Your letter of a few days ago was incredibly heartening; the assessment of I-732′s passage, of a possible unified measure, and of the problems of dual measures was realistic and wise, and we understand how hard a decision it must have been for you to consider not turning in the signatures.

Because of that, we were saddened by last night’s email. We know that some of your members were deeply disappointed that I-732 might not go forward; we believe that nonetheless, they could have been–and perhaps still can be–communicated with in such a way as to help them understand that the unified measure was the right path forward, the one that would keep its eyes on the prize of what we all need.

We strongly urge you to reconsider; some people will be very unhappy either way, but as your letter made clear you understand, one way leaves us with a viable carbon pricing measure with broad support, and one does not. The clearest path toward the goal–carbon pricing in Washington state–is the former.

With gratitude,
The 350 Seattle Hub

Dec 23

Is WA About to Unite Behind a Carbon-Pricing Measure?

Looks like it. Read http://cascadiaplanet.blogspot.com to learn what’s up with CarbonWA and the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy…

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