Workgroups are how 350 Seattle organizes itself into areas of interest and function. If you don’t see something you think should be here, let us know, and we can think about starting a new workgroup.

Keep it in the Ground focuses on the regional and national issues around tar sands, oil transport, fracked gas/LNG, and Arctic drilling. Contact Jess Wallach.

This workgroup focuses on examining the ways that white privilege and subtle forms of racism are unintentionally embedded in the climate movement, Contact Lisa Marcus or Diane Shisk.

Community Solutions focuses on community-based efforts towards a renewable economy, like transit, community solar, and affordable housing. The facilitator is Patrick Mazza.

Operations supports the growth of 350 Seattle by holding down the “behind the scenes” work: data, admin, fundraising, finance, etc. It’s way more fun than it sounds. The facilitator is Valerie Costa,

Families Uniting Now creates a fun, supportive space where families can come to learn how to take action together., The facilitator is Sue Lenander.

The Policy Workgroup has two parts–the Civic Action Team and the Trade team. The facilitator is Selden Prentice,

NW Divest is building upon the work of the Gates Divest group by working with foundations and other institutions in the region; Alec Connon is the facilitator for this effort.

Artful Activism provides art and visuals support for all of 350 Seattle, and strives to make connections with a range of communities. The group facilitator is Lisa Marcus,

Movement Building Through outreach, volunteer engagement, trainings and more, our Movement Building team grows and strengthens all our other work. Contact Meg to get involved or read more to learn about our current projects.

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