General Monthly Meetings

July 2021

Cruise ship practices are toxic–from the smokestacks harming our health, the massive fossil fuel intensive footprint, dumping garbage, human waste and even engine oil straight into waterways, noise pollution disrupting our underwater relatives, on board hospitality workers often underpaid and treated harshly, avoiding taxes while stressing local infrastructure, to bully tactics used on destination communities that push back against these harms–it’s time to envision a #CruiseFreeSalishSea !

May 2021

Being in solidarity with those most impacted by climate change and other systems of oppression is key to our collective liberation. What does that look like in practice on a personal level vs. an organizational level? Here we’ll distinguish between the two and highlight what our Solidarity Nodes are doing on both those levels.

April 2021

The most powerful climate solutions are those that help our communities thrive. That’s why Seattle’s Green New Deal calls for a city-wide buildout of affordable housing, coupled with community investments in healthy neighborhoods and strong-anti displacement measures. We’re gearing up to make Green New Deal solutions like affordable housing a top priority in the 2021 local elections.

Taking Our Power Back Series

Join us for an interactive dive into the ways Puget Sound Energy and other fossil fuel companies use deception, manipulation, and misinformation to hide the true health, safety, and climate impacts of fossil fuels like fracked gas. Learn about how to spot and effectively respond to these tricks and educate others around you.

This is the first in a five-part series: “Taking Our Power Back: Puget Sound Energy, fossil fuels, and creating a clean and healthy energy future” (scroll down for parts two through five).

Puget Sound Energy (PSE), the state’s largest energy utility, provides fossil gas and electric energy services to almost two million homes in Washington, spends more on lobbying and campaign contributions annually than even Amazon, plays a large role in pro-fossil gas ad campaigns, and over the next couple of years, could determine the state’s success in transitioning to clean energy.

Part 2

Taking Our Power Back: Puget Sound Energy Financial Flaws

Part 3

Taking Our Power Back: Indigenous Sovereignty & Pipeline Politics

Part 4

Taking Our Power Back: Solutions for a Healthy, Clean Future

Part 5

Taking Our Power Back: Undermining WA Climate Progress

Racial Justice is Climate Justice

Different teams at 350 Seattle host guest speakers to help us draw the connections between climate campaigns and movements for racial justice. A four-part series.

These webinars have closed captioning. Click HERE for a recording of the call, along with recommended resources and reading materials. 

Part 1 : Speaker Dean Spade (Seattle University School of Law) on Prison Abolition


Part 2: Nikkita Oliver, Jerrell Davis and Oloth Insyxiengmay (Decriminalize Seattle) on Defunding Police


Part 3: Fate Syewoangnuan & Maya Garfinkel (Be: Seattle) on Affordable Housing

Part 4: Speakers from Tacoma LNG Resistance on Environmental Injustice


Demystifying Jail and Legal Support — For anyone demonstrating in the streets during the double pandemic of COVID and racism, there is always a possibility of being arrested. It’s important to understand your rights and have a legal and jail support plan.

Editing and Ethics —  Webinar tutorial on in-phone video editing (Adobe Rush) and the ethics of protest photography
How Movements Can and Do WinAn interactive webinar that explores how we can learn from past movements to effectively build power and address our current historical moment.

De-Escalation & Peacekeeping TrainingAn opportunity to skill-up in de-escalation techniques and learn some of the roles for actions that will continue to be part of our efforts.

Intro to Security CultureThis training highlighted the difficulty of covering this material in an hour. We expect to host a longer version of the training soon, and we may post a pre-recorded webinar version here too!

Protest Safety — How to Keep Yourself and Your Comrades Safe in the Streets
Ancestral Waters — Panel discussion of 2019 Water Protectors documentary about the Puyallup’s fight against the Tacoma LNG plant, which continues to this day.