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In April, a King County judge ruled in favor of eight youths who sued the WA Department of Ecology over its failure to use current science in greenhouse gas reduction goals. Judge Hill ordered the Dept. of Ecology to come up with a Clean Air Rule that would protect the children’s constitutional right to clean air — and that means a rule based on the best current science, which indicates we need annual reductions of 8%.

Instead, however, Ecology has come up with a rule that will mean greenhouse gas reductions of around 1% per year.

It’s nowhere near good enough.

And it gets worse — Governor Inslee and the Dept. of Ecology are now appealing the court case.

This is a betrayal of our children on a grand scale.

We’re launching a campaign to exert so much pressure on Governor Inslee and the Dept. of Ecology that they will have no choice but to pull their appeal — and to implement a Clean Air Rule based on science and not on so-called “political reality.”

This campaign is going to have to be big and bold and we don’t have long. The first public hearings are a little over two weeks away.

It is our intention to make this a HUGE issue. To do this though, we need people, so please, everybody, join our Clean Air Team and get involved by joining the Clean Air mailing list by sending any email to:

The most important date to get in your calendars right away is:

When: Thursday, July 14th, 6pm
What: Public Hearing
Where: The Red Lion Hotel, 2300 Evergreen Park Drive SW, Olympia, WA. 99201

Please RSVP here or by contacting Alec:

We will be arranging carpools and transport to Olympia.

Please join us!