Photo of kayaktivists holding "Protect Our Salish Sea" banner

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is a disaster for the Pacific Northwest and the planet. The project threatens indigenous sovereignty, endangers the Salish Sea, and locks us into irreversible climate catastrophe.


First Nations lawsuits challenging the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion were successful in halting construction of the project indefinitely in August 2018 (more on the proposed expansion and its impacts on our region here).

Powerful cross-border organizing led to fierce resistance on land and sea, raised over $600,000 to support the lawsuits, and moved Washington leaders to come out strongly against the project.


The pipeline is halted but not dead. The Canadian government has over $4.5 billion invested in this pipeline and is aggressively moving to get tar sands oil to export markets. At the same time, we’re seeing the expansion of tar sands extraction in Alberta — which means more destruction, more pollution, and more climate chaos.

Along with First Nations and communities opposing the project across the PNW, we’re watching closely as the Canadian government resubmits key project permits.

Contact Jess Wallach to learn more and get involved as we fight this zombie pipeline project.