Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) readings & resources here!

The Pacific Northwest is called the “Thin Green Line” — we have the power to stop fossil fuels from being exported to Asian markets. We have to keep winning the vital regional fights with major global impacts. We’ve won a lot of big battles, but there are still major infrastructure projects proposed for this region when there should be absolutely no new investment in fossil fuels. Indigenous people and those living on the frontlines of environmental and climate disaster (from the point of extraction to poor communities living at sea level to those already suffering the health impacts of wildfire smoke) are suffering the consequences of rapidly rising carbon emissions.

We need Washingtonians of conscience to stand up and say, in the most powerful way possible, we will not comply with a system that compels us to climate disaster.

Direct action and civil disobedience are tools too important to be used lightly, and we won’t. But if there’s another nearby oil train derailment, or a spill, or if one of these terrible projects is permitted….we have to be ready to respond, and quickly. Meanwhile, we’re offering trainings, and trying to organize a broad and strong resistance like never before–keep an eye on our calendar and emails.

Please join us!

Together, we are strong.

Sign the Pledge!


Because the urgency of the climate crisis is not being adequately addressed at the national level, I pledge to engage in acts of peaceful civil disobedience to help stop fossil fuel projects and fight for climate justice.