Who We Are
Who We Are

ShemonaShemona Moreno, Executive Director

Shemona is a proud Latinx & Black woman who is an eater of pink frosted donuts with sprinkles, a crafter, and a lifelong activist who puts family above all else. It is for her family and friends that she works tirelessly to fight the systems of oppression that have led us to our current climate crises. It is for her family and friends that she works to build a community that is resilient, beautiful, and thriving — where ALL are welcome. She started her path into 350 Seattle as a volunteer during the Defund the Dakota Access Pipeline Campaign back in 2016, where after getting a taste for organizing and protesting in front of banks, she jumped in with both feet and has worked her way up to being the Executive Director for 350 Seattle, a member of the 350 Seattle Board and a rep for the 350 National Local Group Network. Also, she is awesome. You should be her friend!

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