Who We Are

Who We Are

Nicky Bradford, Community Organizer, Co-coordinator of Volunteer Engagement Team

“I care about humans,” Nicky Bradford says. “The conservation narrative has never connected with me. My dedication to the climate movement comes from my commitment to racial and social justice.”

“I’ve always been a community organizer–for parks, green space, for the arts.“ And, while she found talent, strength, and power in the Seattle people she worked with, it became clear that the objectives mostly improved affluent communities and fell short of achieving real political gain.

“We took our three kids to Standing Rock.” she said, describing a turning point. There was “such passionate energy and conviction.” Experiencing the way communities came together at Standing Rock compelled her to focus her creative energy on her political agenda.

Today Nicky, primary parent of 7-year-old Vivienne, 5-year-old Desmond, and 1-year-old Bernadette, is a Volunteer Engagement coordinator for 350 Seattle–she meets with newcomers and helps them figure out where they can best contribute.

“350 Seattle is a home for ambitious politicos looking to exercise their strategic genius but it’s also a home for part-time politicos, researchers, task makers, and doers. Whether you have great ambition or just want to canvas a few hours a month, there is a place for you in the organization – you can engage at all different levels.”

It’s a solution for people who are looking for a meaningful, efficacious outlet for their political energy. “Especially for folks who want to throw themselves behind vital work and gains, 350 Seattle lets you work with strategic thinkers who know policy and who are connected with a network of community leaders.”

For Nicky, it is increasingly clear that this movement requires both an enduring commitment to organizing and a willingness to cultivate trust and friendship in a community. “We have a lot of fun. There are events on the side for everyone; evenings at the brewery; potlucks at people’s homes; activities with children. Not to mention that the monthly meetings now have child care.”

It can be a “cure for those wanting to do more than protest, for families looking for meaningful political engagement and a quick home for Seattle newcomers. Her advice? “Come to things. Talk to people. Just show up and start saying ‘Yes.’”

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