Who We Are
Who We Are

Meg O’Hara, Operations & Finance Director, Staff Collective member

Meg O’Hara comes to 350 Seattle having previously worked in both experiential education and as a traditional classroom educator. A former 6th grade teacher, she most recently worked for the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, where she held a variety of roles over the course of seven years, including two years as the Camp Director for YMCA Camp Hi-Rock. Whether she is working in education, or as a part of the movement towards climate justice, Meg believes deeply in fighting for structural shifts that address the interconnections between racism, economic injustice, colonialism & other systems of oppression that uphold the destruction of this planet. She is on the continuous journey of understanding herself and her work in relation to others, in relation to history, and in relation to current movements, with the ultimate goal of building deep and authentic relationships while pushing alongside others for stronger systemic change. She is excited to be on the 350 Seattle staff as the Director of Operations & Finance, and as a member of the Equity & Inclusion team.

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