Eric Ross, Leadership Team, Maritime Solutions

Pronouns: he/him

Photo of 350 Seattle activist, Eric Ross

Understanding how profoundly our individual well-being is tied to the well-being of others, Eric dove deep into the theory and practice of positive social change. He came to the Salish Sea bioregion by way of Colorado, where he studied social and personal transformation through peace studies and contemplative psychology at the Buddhist-inspired university, Naropa. Living in a country founded upon the genocide of Indigenous peoples and the labor of enslaved peoples, Eric feels we have a life-long duty to heal, rise up and strive for collective liberation. Eric wholeheartedly believes that the cooperative efforts and creativity of ordinary people can tip the balance of power. When we merge our hearts with our hands, we can remake the world. We can fight for not just what does exist, but what could.

Eric rekindles his activism by paddling in bioluminescence, kayaking to calving tidewater glaciers, trekking through wildflowers, backpacking to new horizons, and gazing at alpenglow. Eric is proud to count among his heroes his friends in our social and climate justice movements. “Action is the antidote to despair.”

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