The Policy workgroup consists of the Trade Policy Team, the Civic Action Team and Carbon-Free PSE campaign.

Trade Policy

Trade has everything to do with climate justice! International trade deals affect the environment in many ways. For example,Trump’s “NAFTA 2.0” (or USMCA), which passed in December of 2019, encourages further outsourcing of pollution and jobs, offers special handouts to notorious corporate polluters, locks in fossil fuel dependency, and—due to an egregious regulatory chapter—could prolong this administration’s polluting legacy for years after leaving office. Although future trade deals could include similar terms, climate groups such as 350 Seattle, the Washington Fair Trade Coalition, and the Sierra Club are working hard to create a new trade deal model that includes climate standards. Learn more on the Trade Policy Team page.


Civic Action Team

Through the direct lobbying of elected officials we move them to advance bold climate legislation, and hold them accountable to the principles of climate justice. We have members across the state that regularly engage with elected representatives at the city, county and state levels. Join our community and help expand the movement pushing politicians for aggressive climate action on the Civic Action Team page.


Carbon-Free PSE

Decarbonizing our state’s largest for-profit utility is no easy task, but by working in coalition with other regional climate groups we can make progress. Updates on Puget Sound Energy’s 20-year planning process are posted on the Carbon-Free PSE page.