The Policy Workgroup has a Civic Action Team (sign up below!) as well as a Trade Policy Team and a Carbon Free PSE campaign.

Trade Policy

As Trump works to renegotiate the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), our trade policy team has a three-fold purpose:

  1. To ensure that any renegotiated NAFTA fails in Congress unless significant changes are made. Specifically, the “proportionality clause,” which locks in tar sands oil extraction and fracking in Canada, must be removed. Of critical importance is the fact that if Canada tries to meet its climate goals but remains bound by this rule, the country will produce nearly 1,500 metric megatons more climate pollution by 2050 than without the rule. Additionally, the Investor State Dispute Settlement System (ISDS), which allows lawsuits in unaccountable trade tribunals for challenging environmental laws, must also be removed. Learn more about NAFTA’s critical climate concerns reported by the Sierra Club in this press release. In addition, 350.org, the Sierra Club, and a variety of social justice groups demand 8 essential changes to NAFTA in this document.

  3. To promote a new paradigm for trade in which people and planet are of central focus. Sierra Club’s policy paper expressing such a vision is a possible starting point. This policy promotes three main ideas: 1) that trade rules that conflict with existing climate policies should be eliminated; 2) that trade rules should increase climate protections; and 3) that trade agreements, through special tariffs, should discourage trade in climate-polluting fossil fuels, and address the climate emissions that result from shipping.

  5. To remind policy makers of the connection between trade and immigrant rights. NAFTA has harmed communities not just in Canada and the U.S.—but also in Mexico—by undermining environmental protections, eliminating jobs, increasing air and water pollution, eroding wages, and fueling climate change. NAFTA enabled a flood of cheap corn into Mexico, which contributed to a 66 percent drop in the price that Mexico’s corn farmers received, in turn helping to drive one million farmers out of corn production. In fact, Mexico lost over 900,000 farming jobs in the first decade of NAFTA, according to data from the United States Department of Agriculture. And ironically, although it was the pro-corporate US policies within NAFTA that forced these agricultural workers to lose their jobs and travel to the US, they now find themselves and their children unwelcome here.

How you can get involved:
*Email Selden Prentice or Karen Moskowitz to learn more about current projects, and to get on our listserv.

*Contact your Congressional representatives and Senators to demand that NAFTA remove the Proportionality Rule, remove ISDS, and require signatory countries to comply with international climate agreements.

Civic Action Team

Climate Countdown: 60 Days. 75 Democrats. 2 mass actions. Hundreds of calls and emails. 13 youth plaintiffs. Zero climate legislation passed.

Our demands to the Washington State Legislature were simple: Halt all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and commit to Washington State to an economy running on 100% renewables by 2028.

On Day 1, we showed up by the hundreds to demand bold climate action from our Democratic majority legislature. On Day 43, youth from across the state told called on legislators to protect their future and commit to the demands of the Act for our Future pledge. By the end of the session only three legislators – Reps. Fitzgibbon, Tarleton, and Macri – had signed the youth pledge…and zero climate legislation had passed.

“We know it’s difficult to face the challenges of climate change, and that you will have to make difficult choices. So please remember— for every day you delay in addressing this crisis, you create vast and unnecessary suffering for generations to come.” – Leonidas Park Taber, 10

With or without our elected leaders, we are not giving up – because we cannot give up. Join us.

  • Call your legislators and tell them to sign the Act for Our Future Pledge and commit to a livable future for Washington’s youth.
  • Join your local Civic Action Team to continue to pressure your legislators to support climate legislation.
  • Join our campaign to get fossil fuel money out of politics!
  • Support the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy’s carbon fee initiative.

Civic Action Team

State and local action are more important than ever under the Trump administration, and Washington state must lead the fight.

350 Seattle Civic Action Teams (CAT’s) focus on direct lobbying of elected officials to push them to advance bold climate legislation, and to hold them accountable to the principles of climate justice.

We are building CAT’s across the state that regularly engage with local elected representatives. Join our community and help expand the movement pushing politicians for aggressive climate action.

How You Can Support Us:

  • Attend one of 350 Seattle’s public events to learn about specific legislation or proposals that we need people power to advance or block
  • Share our public events with your friends and neighbors
  • Sign up for our email list to learn about and participate in upcoming civic action campaigns
  • Help lead a civic action team in your district

Join a Civic Action Team!