Operations supports the growth of 350 Seattle by holding down the “behind the scenes” work: data, admin, fundraising, finance. Critical work to support our movement building and campaign work. Facilitator is Valerie Costa, valerie@350seattle.org. Teams seeking members include:

Special events team: Join a newly forming special events fundraising team! Like to organize house parties? Fundraisers at pubs? Peer to peer fundraising for sporting events?

Fundraising team: Have fundraising experience? Specifically with donor organizing? (note: we are pretty well covered with grant writing help right now!)

Operations team: Like to do data entry? Work on mailings? Run errands? Keep our equipment organized? We’re looking for people with office or facilities experience to help out.

Tech advisors: Have practical technical expertise? Be on call to respond to technical questions from campaigns, train volunteers to use programs/apps like Google Drive and Slack, and other random things that come up.

If you’re interested, fill out this form and note the teams/roles you’re interested in in the Notes section. Thanks!