Our plan is to infuse the streets and our movement with original songs that can be used as powerful tools for change. Songs that are simple, easily learned, accessible, 4-8 lines max, sung in unison, without layers, inviting, and catchy. Think: repetitive melodies, chants, and mantras (see some song examples below to get inspired). We want to empower song leaders to arrive in the streets able to teach these songs, and also to prep our choir, The People’s Echo, to perform songs at events, when and where we are invited.

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Learn our songs online and check out the entire songbook (with accompanying lyrics) here.

What’s important to us:

  • A variety of voices, literally and metaphorically
  • People-Power oriented songs
  • KISS – Keeping It Super Simple
  • Group Singing
  • Learning from one another the origins of song
  • Discussing cultural appropriation in the context of music
  • Activism rooted in social and climate justice

This space is NOT for:

  • Showcasing your awesome songs (we DO want to hear them in other spaces!)
  • Networking and for individual artists

Agreements for song sharing:

  • you wrote it
  • or it comes from the social movements of your ancestors
  • or you asked the writer if you could share and they said yes
  • AND you can knowingly explain the origins of the song