Our plan is to infuse the streets and our movement with original songs that can be used as powerful tools for change. Songs that are simple, easily learned, accessible, 4-8 lines max, sung in unison, without layers, inviting, and catchy. Think: repetitive melodies, chants, and mantras (see some song examples below to get inspired). We want to empower song leaders to arrive in the streets able to teach these songs, and also to prep our choir, The People’s Echo, to perform songs at events, when and where we are invited.
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  • Mission: To energize and bring joy to our interwoven movements for social and climate justice by sharing songs that inspire change and connect people to themselves, each other, and our planet.
  • Core Values: We acknowledge that we are occupying the stolen lands of the Duwamish, Muckleshoot and Coast Salish Peoples and we work to create and sustain anti-racism, gender inclusivity, and accessibility in the spaces we manifest.
  • Vision: We envision a world of clean air, clean water, food sovereignty, and a liveable climate for all. We envision a world free of prisons, the police statea world where artists, vulnerability and expression are celebrated and all people are cared for and take care of one another… a world full of song and magic. 
  • Goal: To create space for joy, movement, breath and emotion.
  • Who are The People’s Echo? The People’s Echo is a collective song community for social and climate justice. It was founded by the Songcatchers with a desire to share song that is rooted in a vision for a more beautiful world. We create and share songs that are medicine for us in these mysterious times. We sing for the healing of ourselves, each other, and the earth. Singing together is a human birthright that has less to do with “sounding good” and more to do with settling into our bodies, calming our nervous systems, and being together in community. Anyone who joins us for song teach-ins, actions, events and beyond is a part of The People’s Echo and we invite the broader community to join us in song. 
  • What is songcatching / Who is a songcatcher? Songcatching is rooted in the idea that creativity is flowing abundantly around us at all times and those who pay attention may catch a piece of inspiration. Like someone who drops a line and hook into the water to catch a fish, a songcatcher consciously opens themselves up to the flowing river of creativity to receive a song, to have a song “come through” them or to “catch” a song. This is not a special gift that some people have and some people do not. Anyone can drop their “line and hook” into the flowing river of creativity – and just as sometimes one catches a fish and sometimes one does not – so it is with songcatching.


Who are the People’s Echo Songcatchers?

  • Jess Renee (She/They, Two-Spirit, Indigenous, from Mexico, New Mexico, Texas & Quebec, Canada. More ties to Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Spain) I’m an Indigenous Designer focusing on environmental justice, food-sovereignty and indigenous wellness with medicinal garden design, art therapy and seed ceremonies with ecology and ethnobotany at heart. Silliness is my main medicine.
  • Bee Elliott (she/They) Queer, white Boricua/Cuban/Irish, musician, artist, student organizer at UW 
  • Bex Lipps (they/she) Queer, nonbinary, Jewish/Buddhist, white (Russian/English/German)  
  • Hillary Sanders (she/they) white, Danish/Norweigan/Irish, queer, Green Witch, creative, and activist living on Snohomish and Stillaguamish land.
  • Ahlay Blakely (she/they) – Queer, cis, white (jewitch/scandanavian) songstress, bardess, mother, artivist, animist.
  • Lisa Marcus (she/her) – White of Northern European and Jewish descent. I’m an artist, massage therapist, and community organizer working toward climate and social justice, using creative heart and beauty to invite people into community and into action for a healthy world.
  • Erika Lundahl (she/they) Queer, white (scandanavian/german/irish) songwriter, storyteller, community organizer
  • Brooke Hatch (she/her) White (Norwegian/German/Dutch) Queer, Resourceress, Animist, Plant and Death Witch, Singer, Griever, Lover, Cuddler, Kitchen Witch