Hand painted Love Wins banner for 350 Seattle actions
Community Resilience is dedicated to the basic needs of our community. It focuses on taking care of individuals, which we see not as a luxury, but as essential.

“Our liberation rests on the foundation of our own well-being.” -Leticia Nieto


Community Resilience offers:

  • Support groups: Climate Grief & Empowerment
  • A Wellness Team – i.e. Activist Resource List (local practitioners offering sliding scale health services) and resilience workshops. Do you want to offer a service to benefit our community? Email Lisa Marcus
  • Skill support – Making sure our broader community knows they can contribute and/or donate their time in this way. Fill out this form


How can I get involved? Our silence is compliance, when we’re neutral to this violence. Taking action creates hope. You don’t have to be an organizer, protest-goer, phone-banker, or someone who’s ready for civil disobedience to get involved. Community Resilience is here to assist individuals in finding ways to contribute to our efforts here at 350 Seattle in working towards climate justice. The climate movement requires many skills and talents, which rarely reside in one person alone. The broader our skill sets and resources are, the stronger our chances are of success.

We need you: herbalists, magicians, storytellers, comedians, musicians, midwives, artists, teachers, outdoor survival skills teachers, novelists, childcare providers, care-givers, poets, journalists, fundraisers, filmmakers, photographers, editors, doctors, dentists, massage therapists, dancers, bakers, chefs, caterers, fashion designers, knitters, lawyers, accountants, carpenters, architects, gardeners, permaculturists, weightlifters, philanthropists, mechanics, medicine people, acupuncturists, nutritionists, nurses, farmers, scientists, healers, critical thinkers, alchemists, librarians, singers, songwriters, therapists, mixologists, bookkeepers, hairdressers, graphic designers, bankers, orchardists, dowsers, linguists, historians, phlebotomists, kids, jokesters, illustrators, tree planters, engineers, programmers, puppeteers, web designers, social media experts, economists. And more!

Don’t see your gift here? We need you too! Add your skill to our list.

We also need: food, water, land, stuffed octopi, fabric, seeds, art supplies, clothes, blank t-shirts, beer, wine, clown noses, vans, buses, trucks, building materials, organic soil, rooms, hospitality, spaces for workshops, bikes, skill shares, unicorn costumes. And more!

Please email Lisa Marcus to plug in.

Hand Painted Protect Every Person Banner for 350 Seattle actions