So many of us long to take effective action on social injustice and the climate crisis but become paralyzed with fear and grief in the face of the vast scope of these challenges. In these extraordinary times of planetary crisis—amidst COVID-19, racial and social injustice, and the echoes of fascism reverberating strongly in the U.S.—many people feel overwhelmed with grief, fear, numbness, and more.  Finding tools to face, feel, and transform can be relieving, empowering, and transformative. Coming together in community practice can offer strength and energy to make change and be truly present to our families, our communities, and our world.


Important Details

This group is offered on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 10am – 11:45am, for adults (18+). You are welcome to attend as many or as few offerings as you like. The group will meet virtually due to COVID-19.

Contact with questions.

This group is offered to the general public free of charge. For those with financial resources, donations are welcomed and used to assist us in compensating the facilitators for their time and energy.

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While we have named this group Climate Grief and Empowerment, climate is but one doorway into an intersectional understanding of the current social and ecological crises in which we find ourselves—crises with roots deeply entangled in colonization, white supremacy, patriarchy, and our current economic system.

Using The Work That Reconnects practices developed by Joanna Macy and drawing on longstanding wisdom traditions, folks will gather to deeply feel, digest, and move through grief to empowerment. This form of group work allows people to transmute and release pain, fear, and grief so we can show up for our ourselves, our families, and our communities with presence and courage.

The Work That Reconnects process offers both structure and flexibility. We will move through four stages during our time together: Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New and Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth.