Applications due August 24th!

350 Seattle is in the final stages of an exciting restructuring process, designed to distribute power and governance responsibilities to a wider group of people working toward climate justice. We are recruiting two people for our Board of Directors. Could you be one of them? Read on!

350 Seattle is not a traditional non-profit organization. We are a volunteer-driven grassroots organization that employs a range of strategies to affect change locally and regionally on climate. We’re increasingly becoming a political force at City Hall, and a nationally-recognized leader–with our power coming from bold action and an artful vision of the kind of change we need. We continue to do all this work through a justice and equity lens. Check out our annual report here to see what we did last year.

To apply for the Board:

1. Read the job description and FAQs and decide if you want to apply.

2. If you’re unsure or have questions, send us an email.

3. Submit your application online no later than August 24th.

The Board Nominating Committee will review all the applications, set up interviews, and move a final slate to 350’s leadership for an election this fall. We expect the Board to begin to meet starting in November 2018.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Kanit, Margo, Paul, Sheryl, Val

350 Seattle Board Nominating Committee