350 Seattle has put the following questions to all mayoral and council candidates for a Voters Guide we plan to issue. We also suggest you use these as a guide for questions you ask when attending candidate forums:


  1. Seattle is falling behind on climate plan goals. Do you have proposals to bring Seattle climate action into line with our climate goals? In terms of reducing vehicle pollution? In terms of making buildings more efficient and converting heating/cooling from fossil fuels to clean energy?
  2. Seattle City Light projects climate disruption potentials to hydroelectric power production and transmission by 2030, and even in 2015 transmission was cut off by wildfires. Meanwhile, the city still brings in fossil power from the regional grid. Do you have proposals to improve city energy resilience? Should the city move all the way to 100% renewable energy?
  3. Our overheated housing market is pushing people who use transit the most into areas outside the city that are poorly served by transit. Do you have proposals to address this problem?
  4. There is a significant difference in transportation alternatives in lower-income areas of the city, as opposed to in other areas of the city, for example in the number of bike lanes and sidewalks, access to car sharing services, and in public transit. Do you have proposals regarding this issue?
  5. Areas of the city with low-income communities and multifamily housing also tend to have fewer street trees and less access to parks. Do you have proposals regarding this issue?
  6. What are your positions regarding water conservation and distributed water systems such as green infrastructure and living buildings that capture and treat water on site?
  7. What is your position regarding whether the Seattle City Employees Pension System should divest from fossil fuel stocks?