On November 13, Ecological Economist Rob Larson will be recording a show for Alternative Radio on “Come Hell or High Water”, and he’s asked 350 Seattle to host and participate. Come join us!

When: 7pm, 11/13

Where: Seattle University’s Wyckoff Auditorium

Between rising sea levels, flammable tapwater, stronger storms, huge oil spills, coal ports, bigger droughts and floods, and mass extinctions, you might need a hand understanding today’s twisted energy industry. Rob will talk about all these and more in a discussion for Alternative Radio.

350 Seattle will host the event and participate in the Q&A, letting listeners know what Washington residents can do to counter the energy industry’s climate-devastating and short-sighted plans.

Bio: Rob Larson is Instructor of Economics at Tacoma Community College, and the author of Bleakonomics: A Heartwarming Introduction to Financial Catastrophe, the Jobs Crisis and Environmental Destruction, from Pluto Press. He has written for Dollars & Sense, Z Magazine, Truthout, Alternet, Common Dreams and the Washington Spectator.