Frontline Allies
Frontline Allies

This workgroup focuses on examining the ways that white privilege and subtle forms of racism, patriarchy, and class oppression are unintentionally embedded in the climate movement, and on challenging all in our organization to be better allies to communities most directly affected by climate change and the fossil fuel economy. We meet at most monthly 350 Seattle general meetings, and also once a month outside of general meetings. Regular workgroup meeting is the third Monday evening of each month. We welcome new members!

Most useful to get oriented are the following resources:

Along with looking closely at the privilege, fragility, and subtle forms of oppression within 350 Seattle and ourselves, we believe it’s important to be out there supporting our allies working on a variety of justice issues. Find upcoming options here:


Get on the interest list now (email Kara) for the Spring three-part series repeating the fabulous Our People Gonna Rise — undoing racism training for those who missed some or all of it last time around. Details will be solidified and shared soon.

To ask a question or join us, email Kara Sweidel, facilitator of the group; or Lisa Marcus, organizer on the Staff Collective.