Fossil Free KC

Fossil Free KC

We did it! On Jan 28, King County Council voted yes on our #FossilFreeKC ordinance, taking bold action to prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure and put us on course to a healthy climate future for all. This is precedent-setting; no other U.S. county has such a law on the books.

Children ask King County Council to Ban New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure 

With this historic vote, King County joins a growing wave of NW communities stopping new fossil fuel projects before they start. The #FossilFreeKC ordinance protects King County communities from fossil fuel threats by first freezing new fossil fuel development, and then kick-starting a longer-term regulatory rewrite to stop the build-out of dirty energy infrastructure.

This is huge — saying no to new fossil fuel infrastructure is the first step to saying yes to real climate action, yes to a just transition and yes to a healthy future for all.

And it happened because of you. #FossilFreeKC wasn’t a top-down climate plan — it was a vision for a Fossil Free King County that came from everyday people, who organized to create new possibilities for local government action and built powerful grassroots energy to win.

Just imagine what we can do together next.