Families Uniting Now
Families Uniting Now

Families Uniting Now (FUN) – creates a fun, supportive space where families can come to learn how to take action together. The facilitator is Sue Lenander.

The FUN workgroup now offers free child care for all during our General Meeting (3 years and over, must be potty-trained), with age-appropriate activities focusing on Earth and its amazing beings. We also discuss what responsibility humans have as caretakers of the Earth, and work on ways families can take action.

The workgroup also discusses James Hansen’s science, how to calculate and reduce your family carbon footprint, and how to make personal changes while fighting for policy changes,  And we highlight Plant-for-the-Planet’s Three Point Plan:

  1. Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground
  2. Plant Trees for C02 Sequestration, and
  3. Fight Poverty with a Just Transition to Clean Energy

Facing Our Grief/Fear/Hope while Building Community: At the beginning of each workgroup meeting, we take time to honor our gratitude, fear, and hope, as well as to honor the responsibility we share in being alive right now. What we do, or don’t do, in 2017 is of profound importance to the future our planet and our species.

Joining Forces with other 350 Seattle Workgroups: Families Uniting Now works closely with other 350 Seattle workgroups, plugging families into current 350 Seattle campaigns and making ongoing 350 Seattle campaigns family-friendly. We plan to work especially close with the Artful Activism and Frontline Allies Workgroups.

Building a Family Climate Activism Movement:Families Uniting Now will also network in the community with other climate groups, including Plant-for-the-Planet, schools, and churches as we build a powerful and FUN multigenerational family climate activism movement in Seattle, engaging everyone from preschoolers to grandparents.

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