Defund SPD

350 Seattle is amplifying this phone zap that Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW) Seattle put together in solidarity with the King County Equity Now Coalition and Decriminalize Seattle.

Seven councilmembers have come out in support of defunding the Seattle Police Department (SPD) by 50% and reinvesting in Black and Brown communities. However, we know that any number of factors could change their opinions as we move towards the official budget vote on Monday, August 3. We have to keep the pressure on to ensure that SPD is defunded, community groups that actually promote safety are funded, and all protestors are released. These demands are critical steps in a longer fight to create a more beautiful and just world that we know is possible. Follow the guidance below to call your councilmember and let them know that they must #DefundSPD!

District 1 — Lisa Herbold: (206) 684-8801

District 2 — Tammy Morales: (206) 684-8802

District 3 — Kshama Sawant: (206) 684-8803

District — Alex Pedersen: (206) 684-8804

District 5 — Debora Juarez: (206) 684-8805

District 6 — Dan Strauss: (206) 684-8806

District 7 — Andrew Lewis: (206) 684-8807

District 8 — Teresa Mosqueda: (206) 684-8808

District 9 — Lorena Gonzales: (206) 684-8809


“My name is XYZ. I’m a member of 350 Seattle and your constituent in [NEIGHBORHOOD]. I am calling to ask that Council Member [NAME] vote to defund SPD and reinvest in community. This is necessary because [SEE TALKING POINTS BELOW OR SHARE A PERSONAL STORY].

Please meet the demand to defund SPD by 50% or $94 million by voting to reinvest in community-based solutions to health and safety, eliminate and transfer SPD functions, and reduce SPD’s budget across the board. Thank you.”


  • Time and time again, SPD has met peaceful protests with violence. This is unacceptable.
  • Policing is the wrong solution for so many community needs; armed police are doing jobs that could be done better and more safely by community-based organizations.
  • Spending more money on policing doesn’t automatically lead to less crime, but it does lead to a greater threat of police violence, especially towards Black folks.
  • We cannot address the climate crisis without undoing the racist and extractive systems at its root.
  • Tackling the climate crisis and environmental racism goes hand in hand with defunding the police. Earlier this week, a report revealed that fossil fuel companies and their financial backers are some of the largest donors to police foundations, which buy weapons, equipment, and surveillance technology for police departments with little public oversight.


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