Defund Disaster!
Defund Disaster!

WP - great photosOn May 9th, the indigenous coalition of Honor the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network. Camp of the Sacred Stones, Last Real Indians, International Indigenous Youth Coalition and the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion (which represents 121 first nations and tribes) launched Mazaska Talks—a campaign to urge individuals, businesses, faith communities, NGO’s, foundations and municipalities to break ties with the banks most guilty of funding the climate crisis and abuses of indigenous rights.

DeFund Disaster is a 350 Seattle campaign that calls on Pacific Northwest organizations to support the work of Mazaska Talks and stand with indigenous communities and future generations:

Pledge to DeFund Disaster

“Standing in solidarity with Mazaska Talks, we pledge to renounce business with banks that are enabling the climate crisis by providing lines of credit and project-level loans to new tar sands projects. Those of us who are current customers of the 17 banks specified by Mazaska Talks pledge to break ties within 12 months, and to inform the bank of our reasons for doing so*”  

*You can find contact details for the 17 banks specified by Mazaska Talks here.