COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 Resources

As climate activists, we know that crises disproportionately harm people already most impacted by the broken systems in our society. COVID-19 is no exception. We need to stand with those in our communities most potentially impacted. We also know that the climate crisis continues to be utterly urgent, and that as climate change worsens, we will see increasingly frequent and dangerous crises like this one. With this daunting thought comes an opportunity: the structures, connections, and resources we develop to support each other now will better prepare us for the future.

We strongly encourage you to take part in mutual aid communities. Here’s an informal resource starting to compile different mutual aid networks—and we’re also offering the smaller-scale 350 Seattle Mutual Aid: to partake, please fill out this form with your offerings and this form with your needs.

To maintain social distancing and protect our community, all 350 Seattle meetings will be held virtually for the time being.

Finally, we want to continue to provide resources to groups as we continue thinking through mutual aid and organizing for structural change in a time of social distancing. We have the following to share:

  1. Resources compiled by related to COVID-19. Note that this is a living doc and they will be adding additional resources as they’re available. Highlights include:
    • a toolkit around planning ahead for upcoming events and actions,
    • resources for creating communities of care,
    • information about the heightened racism and xenophobia that have spread along with the virus
    • links around the political context of COVID-19 (including the White House bailing out the oil and gas industry while everyone’s attention is on the virus).
  2. Resources for supporting all workers out there performing essential services for our community during this crisis. Please follow WSLC, UFCW 21 and other labor partners FB pages for information about how to support:

Check out the Voices of 350 blog!