Climate Countdown

Climate Countdown

Call Representative Chopp now! Please also send an email!

Frank Chopp Office Number: (360) 786-7920

Call Tips: Try to engage the staff person you speak to for as long as possible. Ask them questions to try and ascertain Chopp’s position on climate, like:

  • “Does Representative Chopp support a clean energy future?”
  • “What will Representative Chopp be doing this session to pass legislation that moves us swiftly towards a clean energy future?”
  • “Will Representative Chopp support legislation that prohibits new fossil fuel projects in Washington?”
  • “Will Representative Chopp support legislation that set us on a path towards 100% clean energy within ten years?”
  • “Does Representative Chopp agree that we have a climate emergency?”

If you don’t get through to a staff person, leave a message and try calling back again later.

Talking Points: Share a few facts about the urgency of the climate crisis and the impacts it is already having on Washington now. Such facts could include:

  • The World Health Organization estimates that 150,000 people are already dying every year as a direct result of human-caused climate change.
  • Record-breaking wildfires have scorched WA forests, burned our homes, and killed our neighbors.
  • Over 50% of Columbia River salmon have died in overheated rivers in recent years.
  • Drought has cost the WA hundreds of millions of dollars over the last few years alone.
  • WA snow packs have plummeted, resulting in more water pollution, less drinking water, and less hydro-electric capacity, while also robbing our ski industry of millions of dollars.
  • WA forests are threatened by the pine bark beetle, which thrives in warmer temperatures.
  • Many of the Pacific Northwest’s native plant and animal species are at risk
  • Some of our coastal communities will become uninhabitable due to sea-level rise in the years ahead.

Thank you for calling — together our voices are mighty.

Please also send an email!