No Dirty Energy Bill!

No Dirty Energy Bill!

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Dear Senator Cantwell,

As you know, we are deeply concerned about S. 1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act. Given the devastating impacts of fracking on the climate, we strongly feel it is counter to the interests of Washington State–and all other states–to codify the fast-track permitting of LNG infrastructure. Additionally, we are disturbed by the bill’s indication that Washington State agencies would have to give deference to FERC–an agency known for particularly egregious rubber-stamping of fossil fuel projects–even when our own scientists, researchers, and citizens have spoken out strongly against a project.

We strongly urge you to hold a Town Hall on the bill during the current recess, so that you can hear our concerns and those of other constituents. This week’s heatwave, and the smoke from the BC fires, underlines the reality: this is not the moment to view increased fossil fuel dependence as a matter of bipartisan sausage-making. Democrats cannot go along for the ride while the current administration drags the spectrum of the politically plausible to the right, and over a cliff. 

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