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Dear Seattle City Council Members,

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I strongly support the loosening of restrictions on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s)—because I want Seattle to be more affordable, and because households in dense, walkable urban neighborhoods generate ¼ to ½ the climate-destroying CO2 of those displaced to the suburbs. Carbon emissions in the city have been rising in recent years, and if we want to have any hope of the regional reductions we urgently need, we need more housing in walkable and transit-rich areas.

The City’s “preferred alternative” for ADU’s is an excellent start–we are particularly happy that it gets rid of parking and owner-occupancy requirements, as well as loosening size and height restrictions. But if someone is building a new house on a lot, we very much hope that they’ll maximize the housing on that lot, so we strongly urge you to get rid of the requirement that someone live in a house for a year before adding a second ADU. Because of cost considerations, this makes it far less likely that the second ADU will in fact be built.

Please do all that you can to ensure that ADU restrictions are loosened as much as possible, and that anyone building a new home is encouraged to build two ADU’s along with it, at the same time.

Many thanks.