Straight to the bios!

People are the heart of 350 Seattle. We’ve come into this fight because of our passion for climate justice, and we work around the clock to influence the political, business, and social realities of our era in the hope of preserving a livable world. Hearings and meetings and legislation and letters? We do that. Protests and blockades? We do that, too….and how. We believe our most important task is building and inspiring the movement, because only a movement can bring about the profound change we need, as quickly as we need it to. We’re running out of time: we need you, too.

How do we operate? Our staff collective–a handful of our core leaders—is at the heart of our day-to-day operations, providing continuity and organizational knowledge, and supporting our other activists. The collective is guided by our Executive Director, Shemona Moreno. With a small crew and big ambitions, we depend on you to get things done, and we have room for everyone: people who only have a little time can be on our On-Call Task Team or our Letters to the Editor team, for example, or can offer specific professional skills (hello, accountants!) on an intermittent basis. We need artists; we need people to phone-bank; we need people to hand out flyers and to run NVDA and legal trainings. And we definitely need organizers…especially the rare ones who know how to lead and to support other people in their leadership.

We think we have some of the most amazing people in the region, so we want to introduce you to some of them, and give you an idea of the different ways you might want to plug in.