350 Seattle has sent a letter urging Governor Jay Inslee and Washington State’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce (CERT) to adhere to the best and most recent science regarding the demands of climate change. With the impacts of carbon pollution already being seen in Washington State, from record wildfires to shellfish industry distress, 350 Seattle urged the CERT to “set an example for other states, our nation, and our world.”


“We recognize that Jay Inslee is sincerely committed to serious climate action,” says Patrick Mazza of 350 Seattle.  “We stand with the governor and call on him and the CERT to push for climate policy goals that meet the demands of climate science.” 


The group offered four primary recommendations:


  1. That carbon pricing be strong enough to make a rapid difference; as the letter states, “it is abundantly clear from the science  that not taking strong early action may lead to climate tipping points and changes with centuries-long impacts.”
  2. That climate science should be used to evaluate carbon-reduction targets.
  3. That carbon revenues be used in two basic ways, with a portion of carbon revenues being rebated to low-to-middle-income people, and the bulk of the remainder being focused on investments in carbon reduction (for example, low-cost financing for energy retrofits for buildings). 
  4. That some portion of the revenue be utilized for biocarbon storage. “Washington State has magnificent natural assets that can store large amounts of biocarbon, including our forests, farms, and wetlands,” the letter states. 


“By setting a high bar for carbon reduction goals, limiting offsets, and investing in actions to reduce carbon emissions and store biocarbon, we can set the pace for other states and the nation as a whole,” says Jan Keller. “And with the Governor and the CERT hard at work, now is an excellent time for us–as a group, and as citizens—to express our concerns for the future of our planet and our children.”